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  1. SCgator

    T Lock vs Montec

    I shot several animals with the montec and was never happy with their sharpness or blood trails. I know you didn’t ask about them but I agree with Kaibabhunter, the qad exodus is the best combo of accuracy, durability and performance on game I’ve seen. I read so many good reviews on them I switched after trying several different broadheads and glad I did.
  2. SCgator

    Goulds from last year

    Sounds good Bob, I’ll call you.
  3. SCgator

    Goulds from last year

    The mount turned out great, they are beautiful birds. Look me up if you decide you want to go after an Osceola.
  4. SCgator

    My 1st Turkey

    Good job on the hunt staying persistent! Enjoyed the write up.
  5. SCgator

    Goulds - Unit 29

    Congrats to you and your daughter, awesome bird!
  6. SCgator

    Need Rio Feathers

    Ive got an Eastern shot this year in the freezer if you cant get a Merriam or Rio neck feathers
  7. SCgator

    New Mexico

    Nope. Did anyone draw archery ibex?
  8. SCgator

    Coatimundi Forms?

    I looked in the Wasco and Van Dykes taxidermy catalogs and neither offer a coatimundi form. Only option I could find was the one that Mckenzie offers,, and Im with you on that.
  9. Thats a great offer and Im sure someone will take you up on it. If I dont get drawn for NM ibex archery (unlikely) Im going to Az in mid January for deer. 34a is one of the 3 units Ive narrowed down to hunt. I wouldnt be a good scouting/hunting partner because Im coming from SC and wouldnt be able to contribute by scouting and have never hunted there. Ill keep you posted and maybe Ill see you out there. Good luck!
  10. SCgator

    Out of state hunts

    Never been on a buffalo hunt but would definitely like to one day. Some friends have gone and described it the same way as others on here and I agree the meat is excellent. He went to Montana but I remember it costing more than these prices. I’ll find out where they went and details on cost.
  11. SCgator

    Getting ready

    I like it, preparation and buying gear is a fun part of the hunt. Thats a lot of mountain house!!
  12. Congrats to you guys! Both are great animals
  13. SCgator

    Axis Deer Molokai

    Good luck on your axis hunt. Never hunted them there, but it should be a great hunt. They are beautiful animals and good eats.
  14. SCgator

    Outdoorsmans order

    Nice pack, glad you got it and all is good. Im with you on that Flatlander,, hopefully thats lime Gatorade!! Lol
  15. SCgator


    No doubt on the release. I always carry a backup in my backpack now after having one break in a tree while deer hunting in Wi. Thankfully it wasnt on a back country hunt but I learned my lesson.