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  1. Thanks MissedAgain, I really appreciate the quick reply.
  2. Thinking of going back to Mexico in 2016, and this outfitter was recommended by a friend. Anyone have an experience with them? IT sounds like they have some good properties, reasonable rates and a fair reputation.
  3. predator

    35B Dec. Coues

    Wow! Love the mass on that one. 108"?? I would have a come apart just seeing one like that.
  4. predator

    24B Success

    Very nice!! Good job and thanks for sharing!
  5. predator

    Funny 23 gala

    Ok, ya'll, here's a funny one for you. I'm sorry I have no pics, my camera was broken during baggage handling. But hopefully you can picture the fun (if this shortcut works). Forgive the post to MM first, I know more folks over there than here! http://www.monstermuleys.info/dcforum/DCForumID19/859.html Amanda, I'm glad you had so much fun, if I'd had more time I was thinking of driving your way to meet you. It sounds like you were hunting! Pred
  6. predator

    Seen the fee proposals for 2006?

    Jose, I disagree? For what future generation do these fee increases preserve the privilege of hunting? The rich only! I am a non-resident of AZ, and as such expect to pay more than a resident, but when even residents suffer a 100 percent hike, I have to wonder what is really going on. I work my butt off 7 months of the year so I can spent 4 hunting. I don't own a quad, I don't own a trailer, and have the same sound system my truck was built with. It's taking every penny I have to come to your state and enjoy the beauty and the chase. I can't imagine how that must feel as a resident...oh wait, yes I can, it's becoming the same here. Our fees are proposed to increase to 700 bucks for a limited entry elk hunt. It's already nearing 300 now. I also agree with wanting to see how OUR money is being spent......although your state kicks butt as far as resources to hunters such as maps, unit boundaries and general advice, which I assume is being financed through game fees. We are fighting a similar battle here with the 'wolf plan'. The anti's won't pony up a dime, but expect some sort of management (ie, contraception or some crap). The hunters already finance the doody spinefish studies and everything else related to wildlife. At what point does hunting become a privilege for privileged only?[
  7. predator

    6A hunt succes stories?

    The Kachina fires? Not for us, the wind blew from the northeast most of the time, kept it headed to Sedona. They were going to have a prescribed burn over off 91, but I don't think they did it while we were there (but then again, I was not over that way). Lisa
  8. predator

    6A hunt succes stories?

    Muskrat, I forgot that you had the tag as well. I had the same trouble-passed on a 290-class 6 by opening morning, then got lightninged/hailed/snowed/rained off the rim. Saw some GREAT bulls from about 5 miles away, but when I got off the rim it was darn hard to tell where the heck I was going. Jumped a shooter bull on the 4th day and trailed him 6 miles but could never get him to cooperate (I about died that day when I wondered why I was so freakin' tired and my GPS odometer said I'd gone 11.81 miles).........I had a great time, got some positively AWESOME sunset/moonrise pics, and met Salmon from MM, who came all the way to Munds from Mormon just to say hi. I'll definitely put in again-lots of elk! Just needed a partner is all! Lisa
  9. predator


    When did 21 burn? I had that tag last year, and poorly shot a helluva buck that we couldn't find. I want to hear more about the catfish tag. Perhaps we could outdo all the carp tag holders with a new world record? Sandfish, anyone?
  10. predator


    Bull tag for me in 6A......pretty exciting! Whaddya mean there are no deer in 23??? Methinks someone is 'joshing' me...get it...haaahaaaaaaaaa
  11. predator


    Yikes! Looks like I'm going to 6A for muzzy elk and 23 for deer! Sheesh, hadn't planned on drawing two....oh well.
  12. predator

    Had fun in 21

    Well, I had a good time in 21 with Geoff Tippett; saw lots of bucks, bulls, pigs, birds, you name it! Definitely some pre-rut activity going on with bucks chasing does in the middle of the day, spikes running around with lips curled up, and deer just plain running around like they were playing tag. I actually shot a helluva buck that I am proud to say I spotted my own self in his afternoon bed; unfortunately I overestimated the wind and put the bullet a bit far back. We were all convinced he was down with a spine shot, but to our dismay and surprise (given the amount of blood he left behind) to find he had snuck out above us and into the next canyon. With no blood trail and just smears on the brush to follow, he was soon lost when he crossed onto rock. We never could find where he exited, and we never did find him. I feel very badly about it. I then had a near rollover with a quad on a rimrock road in which I had to bail out and then grab the thing just as it was going over a cliff. I didn't think I was banged up to bad until the next couple of days, when I finally had to admit to Geoff that the pain was unbearable in my throttle hand. I was no longer having fun, and elected to come home early. Geoff was quite the gentleman about it, and I look forward to drawing again. Thanks to everyone for their advice and for getting me pumped up about Arizona-the country and the sights were everything you said it was, and hey I even got to commiserate with Antlerboy by cell phone! Good luck to those still hunting, it should be kickin' it after Christmas I think!
  13. predator

    Mexico Coue's

    Amanda, I was lucky enough to draw a Dec. 21 tag. I am pretty darn pumped about it, I hope to find a 100 incher (with the help of an ARIZONA guide).
  14. predator

    Mexico Coue's

    Yes, Casey, I sure did. Looks like you and I are nothing but computer addicts, huh!!
  15. predator

    Mexico Coue's

    The buck was taken in 2001 at 463 yards with a .280 Rem.