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  1. Interested..I can't PM you.. John 520-403-6741 call or text
  2. doublelung

    6 seat ranger rental

    I couldn't pm you..Email me at johnimerten@gmail.com
  3. doublelung

    6 seat ranger rental

    It is a ranger crew..Can hold up to six...But four comfortably
  4. doublelung

    6 seat ranger rental

    If you can't find a decent rental, let me know..I may be willing to rent mine..I am in Tucson.. John
  5. I have a 2008 26' toy hauler rental. It has ten feet of storage space, 72" high. It will sleep four comfortably or a family of six. Queen bed up front and a queen bed in back with two fold down beds. Onboard generator, air conditioning, heater, refrigerator/freezer, bathroom with shower, satellite with tv, coffee maker, microwave, stove with oven and awning. Has LED lights throughout. This is an awesome hunting rig. $80 a day or take advantage of the special at $450 per week. Any questions, you can call or text me (John) at 520-403-6741. I am located on NW side of Tucson.
  6. doublelung

    What do you guys think?

    The Bowtech Posse turned out to be great guys! ---Signed the Bowtech Posse
  7. doublelung

    Looking good in 3C

    I will be there next week chasing him!
  8. doublelung

    A few questions about 3C

    First, I was wondering if there any good places near Heber to take my elk to be butchered? Also wondering if anyone knew of a place I could get some water to fill my toyhauler.. I would be more than glad to pay someone up there..Don't really want to drag all that water up the hill. Thanks!
  9. doublelung

    Finally drew a 3a/3c early archery bull tag

    I too drew this tag...It's getting close! Good luck!
  10. doublelung

    Grave Digger Broadheads

    Do many of you use Grave Digger broadheads for elk? If so, what are your experiences.. I don't want this to turn into a fixed vs mechanical thread..Just want experiences hunting elk with this setup. Thanks! John
  11. doublelung

    Tell me your experiences with September 3A3C archery bull

    Yup, it is me DK...I will be doing a lot of scouting this summer up that way..Maybe we can get together some time..That Coues in my avatar pic is the buck I killed down in Mexico..Awesome place to hunt! Take care, John
  12. I would like to hear about your hunts in this unit and what I can expect on this hunt.... I am not asking for any areas to hunt..Just would like to hear about how well or bad they rut in this unit etc... Thanks!
  13. Donniedent, hard to believe that you don't remember......Just search the forum for "Does anybody know this person" and you will find your proof..