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    Antleope unit 8 hunt.

    Google Earth is your friend, most lopes won’t move far so no real migration but will roam to find does, private property isn’t really an issue and is clearly marked (Devil Dog Rd and surrounding Garland Prarie areas), get up there and look around. Best advice I can give you is to not overlook the non traditional looking lope areas around or near the open country. 8 has a tendancy to grow some big tree goats. Good luck and hope you’ll return and share pics if you’re successful.
  2. Very cool, great looking griff. My dad has an affinity for that breed.
  3. Dave King

    youth camp unit 23 deer

    There will be two of them, one in the north end of the unit put on by the ada and one by Punkin Center put on by the MDF
  4. Dave King


    Maxima Reds are the same price as the Gold Tip Pro Hunter. The Pro Hunter is the superior arrow of the two. Maxima Red: .0025 straightness +/- 1gpi Pro Hunter: .001 straightens +/- .5gpi
  5. Dave King

    7W Fire

    Yes it's in the old burn on the north side of the mountain. Saw it last week while out looking at antelope. From where it's at it shouldn't have much of an impact on anyone's hunt. Dave
  6. Dave King

    3D Shoot List?

    Corner Archery's website keeps pretty up to date with the shoots.
  7. Dave King

    Lake Pleasant Stiper Fishing - What to expect

    Slayed them today, should be a good trip.
  8. Dave King

    freezer for cow bison

    Bone in quarters 15 cu ft.
  9. On my hunt I took two 150qt and two 100qt coolers. My cow was mature but not huge and I was able to get the bone-in quarters in the 150s (was a tight fit) the hide in one of the 100s and deboned meat in the other 100. Of course if you debone the quarters you won't need as many coolers. The comparison to a large bull elk size wise is pretty accurate but buffs are built differently and are quite a bit stockier. They fill a cooler fast. Good luck on your hunt. Bison are awesome creatures. -Dave King
  10. Dave King

    Shoot for H.O.P.E.

    Stephen, You have a fantastic son! I was manning the youth range for the Mule Deer Foundation and he was extremely well behaved, responsible and great with the younger kids out there...oh yeah and a pretty good shot! The shoot was a great success. Congrats to all the people who put it on and I can only imagine it will be bigger next year. Dave King
  11. Dave King

    Tuning questions

    Are you maxed out on your poundage? If so back off the weight a half turn at a time and see if that helps.
  12. Dave King

    Youtube video show guy shoot turkey in 13b with .597 22wmr

    I tried for an antelope tag...they wouldn't do it but sent me about $400. Dave
  13. Dave King

    Youtube video show guy shoot turkey in 13b with .597 22wmr

    When you find stuff like this get in contact with game and fish so you can send them the link to the video. From there they can conduct the investigation and then they can catch these guys as well as send you a check. It's a pretty decent check at that! Dave
  14. Dave King

    Got my Unit 7 Antelope back

    Well that's good news! He has my lope too so maybe I'll be getting a call soon. Your buck came out nice.
  15. Dave King

    23 jr hunt

    The Mule Deer Foundation in conjunction with Game and Fish host a camp just out of Punkin Center. It's a great camp with great people who are willing to help out in every way. Free food as well.