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  1. ARO

    My 35 A hunt

    Congrats! Great looking bird! Im sitting on 20 pts as a NR, hoping to draw soon.
  2. ARO

    140 2/8" AZ Coues Buck!

    WOW! buck of a lifetime..
  3. ARO

    Magazines or books to read

    Another fan of the C.J Box novels, pretty good read. Also Super Slam by Chuck Adams is fun to read and dream about.
  4. ARO

    Wild Wyoming Bison

    Thanks everybody. The only bummer of the whole experience, was a lesson learned the hard way. It was minus 22 F, the day I shot him, by far the coldest I've ever hunted in. When I went to take pix of him, my camera was toast. So I used my cell phone, and sent my wife the 2 pix you see. Then when I got home and went to get the pix off the mini sd card, it somehow got formatted , and all the pix were lost. So the only 2 pix I actually got of the bison, are those 2 grainy pix. The other pix are from the first trip. I'm still beside myself for letting that happen. On a side note, I completely understand when people talk about a different kind of cold out west. If it was that cold here by the ocean, it would hurt your skin to go outside....lol
  5. Thanks for the info, i appreciate it.
  6. ARO

    Goulds turkey points

    I put in for this spring with 7 NR pts, and did not draw.
  7. ARO

    Wild Wyoming Bison

    Thanks. We found the those grizzly tracks on the first trip, Needless to say we kept looking over our shoulder, all day....
  8. ARO

    Wild Wyoming Bison

    Got extremely lucky in 2009 and drew a NR bison tag in Wyoming. The wife and I headed out to Jackson the last week of Oct to try and kill a Tatanka. We hunted hard for 6 days, but could not connect on one. Saw plenty in the park, and had a close call mid week. By the time we got to them, an outfitter had shot 2 out of the group, and the rest headed for the hills. I headed back to MD empty handed, but told the wife I wanted to come back out in Dec, since the tag was good till Jan 3rd. Flew back to Jackson solo mid Dec to try again. After a 4 hour hike, I was able to spot some tracks in the snow, and followed them till I caught up with a group of 6 bulls. Ended up taking my bull in the very north corner of the NER. Had to hire Tag-n-drag to bring horses and sleds in to get the bison out. It was an experience of a lifetime.....literally!
  9. Hi All, I am an avid whitetail/turkey hunter in Maryland, and been out west a hand full of times, but never have hunted coues deer before. I have 7 pts and have been researching coues deer units for a dec rifle hunt. I prefer to do my hunts DIY, but not opposed to using a guide if I have too. Since I would not be able to really scout with boot leather, is this a hunt a newbie could do? Or should I bite the bullet and hire a guide? Looking foward to any info