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  1. Muley73

    Email from NM Game and Fish

    NM treated me good again. 23 rifle coues for me and my son. Brothers drew Stallion Oryx, Mcgregor Elk, Lope and Barbary. Should be a fun year in NM. Now I just need my home state Utah to come through!
  2. Muley73

    2017 NM Coues Buck

    Great buck! Congrats
  3. Muley73

    Unit 23 NM Excluding Burros

    The base is actually just one I stole from my dad for the pics. Need to build one for my desk at work. I did find a nice little pocket of deer that we hunted. It was tough country and we hiked 38.4 miles over 4 days. Mostly in the dark, getting to our glassing point and coming out in the dark at night. A great adventure with my son, he pushes me pretty hard! Lol
  4. Muley73

    Unit 23 NM Excluding Burros

    Thanks for the input. Not a giant but a fun hunt with my son and my second coues buck. I'm definitely addicted to these little deer!
  5. Muley73

    Unit 23 NM Excluding Burros

    Will, That face makes be nervous! Lol
  6. My son and I drew Unit 23 in NM with year. We have hunted unit 27 in the past but the last couple trips have just been too sketchy with drug runners. Just curious what the horn growth and numbers are looking like on 23 this year. We aren't afraid to lay down the boot leather and spend hrs glassing. Thanks for any input and good look to all those hitting the hills!
  7. Muley73

    Coues Gunz!

    Gunwerks LR1000 in 7mm LRM shooting 180 grain Hybrids.
  8. Great story and pics. Congrats on good looking buck!
  9. Muley73


    Wow that is just a gorgeous buck. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Muley73

    First Coues Hunt

    Thanks for the compliments. Yes my pack it is an Eberlestock X1. Had it for 3 years and I absolutly love it.
  11. Well I just returned from my first Coues hunt. Spent a week in New Mexico and had a wonder time. Met some great people and enjoyed a week with my little brother. Here are a few pics from the week. Sunrise opening morning I love old dead trees 9 hours of spotting from this comfy spot I was even able to spot a few on my own...VERY FEW!!!! Note to self...Next time bring climbing gear. Pic of my shooting perch Approaching my first Coues buck....I'll be honest and say I was still shaking a little. 4 miles back to the truck Cant complain about how the night ended! Unbelievable way to end an incredible hunt! Thank you to all that helped me realize a dream. Have dreamed of shooting a Coues deer for over 20 years. I could not have asked for a better experience......I"LL BE BACK AGAIN...SOON!!!!
  12. Muley73

    New to Coues

    Well it looks like I am going on my first Coues hunt. Cant believe I actually drew on my first try. Super excited to see a new area and hunt a new species!
  13. Muley73

    Hoping to return

    Thanks gents! Shot my ram at 560 yards.
  14. Muley73

    Hoping to return

    Well looks like my NM luck is holding strong. Unit 27 in Nov I'm super excited for my first Coues deer hunt!!!
  15. Muley73

    Barbary pics

    Great ram. Thanks for posting up the pics.