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    The ladies got it done

    Nice bulls, congrats!
  2. Mesabulls

    My First Elk Hunt

    Wow, great bulls. Congrats!
  3. Mesabulls

    2014 Leftover Tag Buck

    Nice bucks!
  4. Mesabulls

    Buck is done!

    R and R did my bull this year. Got it back in a week! Very happy, great guys!
  5. Mesabulls

    Coues and Effect

    Awesome write up, and great buck. Congrats!
  6. Mesabulls

    My FIRST mule deer!

    Great buck,congrats!
  7. Mesabulls

    Got it Done!!! #2

    Cool looking buck
  8. Mesabulls

    Video of my November hunt

    Awesome video, and great buck!
  9. Mesabulls

    opening day desert buck.

    Very nice!
  10. Mesabulls

    4x5 Non-Typical

    Great buck, love all the kickers!
  11. Mesabulls

    36a buck

  12. Mesabulls

    11 yr old chases the 100" mark.

    Very nice buck!
  13. Mesabulls

    My unit 9 archery bull 7x7

    Great bull!
  14. Love the mass and trash! Sweet buck!
  15. Mesabulls

    first rifle coues

    Nice buck, it's amazing how much you see when you get away from the roads!
  16. Mesabulls

    My 2014 buck

    Wow, great buck!
  17. Mesabulls

    My 1st deer

    Nice buck and great shot!
  18. Mesabulls

    Opening morning success!

    Great buck!
  19. Old thread, I know, but I'm 99% certain that Barnes gives the "EZ" designation to those tipped muzzleloader bullets that are flat based, as opposed to full boat tail design. Boat tail saboted bullets are notoriously difficult to load an seat correctly, in all brands and makes. The angle on the base just doesn't line up correctly. Flat based sabots doing have the problem and generally slide in quite easily. I have used both the T-EZ and the TMZ, and like them both. Recently I got a good deal on bunch of the TMZs, and took the advice I found on some of the muzzeleloading forums and purchased some aftermarket Harvester Crushed-ribbed sabots made for 50 cal boattails. The doing that really tighted up the groups for me. I ended up using the Spit fire T-EZ and dropped my bull at 181 yards through both lungs he dropped in his tracks.
  20. I am thinking about trying the Barnes Spit-Fire T-EZ 290 grain muzzleloader sabots and possibly using them on my September elk hunt. I was wondering if anyone has shot these and if you have any feed back on them?
  21. Mesabulls

    Getting it done at 92 years old!

    Amazing! And a great bull!
  22. Mesabulls

    Wyoming Bull at 1239yds.

    Nice bull! Great shot!