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    Nobody / anybody

    22 here, probably another 5-8 years I guess.
  2. Mesabulls

    Tick Tock

    I’m thinking it’s fake, I just saw it on FB
  3. Mesabulls

    Tick Tock

  4. Mesabulls

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Just had my first shot Saturday, easy decision for me.
  5. Mesabulls

    Giant Muzzleloader Bull

    Giant, congrats!
  6. Mesabulls

    2019 Muzzy bull

    Great bull!
  7. 2006 Suzuki Eiger 400 4x4 Runs great, clean title , fully automatic $2,500
  8. Mesabulls


    I was out glassing 22s this morning. Not an elk or a single bugle.
  9. Mesabulls

    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    Diablo canyon
  10. Mesabulls

    Bull Elk 22 South

    I have the muzzy hunt in September, don't know if I will be much help I think they move on after the rut.
  11. Mesabulls

    Results are posted!!!

    22s muzzy bull. Can’t wait!
  12. Mesabulls

    Draw results are in!!

    She said within 2 weeks, that could mean Thursday.
  13. Mesabulls

    CC Hit

    Either 3a 3c archery bull or 22s muzzy bull for me!
  14. Mesabulls

    2019 hunts

    Does anyone know what the effects were the last 2 years in 22 and 7w on the archery hunts with the hunt being pushed back a week, and being shot at by rifles or muzzys?
  15. Mesabulls

    My 1st elk September 2017

    Great video, great bull! Congrats
  16. Mesabulls

    Draw Deadline Has Passed

    Antelope 5b and 10 19 BP’s and elk 22s muzzy and 5a early archery 5 BP’s
  17. Mesabulls

    Couple of late season bulls.

    Awesome bulls, great job.
  18. Mesabulls

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    Awesome bull and great video, thanks for sharing.
  19. Mesabulls

    Daughter's First Elk

    Great memories, congrats
  20. Mesabulls

    Unit 27 stud bull!

    Wow stud is right, way to get it done.
  21. Mesabulls

    7 E Bull

    Awesome job, great memories. Looks like a trophy to me.
  22. Mesabulls

    Worth the Wait . . .

    Congrats, it sounds like it was a great year to cash in them points!
  23. Mesabulls

    Brother in laws first bull (video link added)

    Great video, thanks for sharing!