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  1. 21 hours ago, knothead said:

    They rotate one hunt each year before the archery hunt.  Two years ago it was unit 22, last year 7 west and next season 3a/3c.  I would imagine it will take a point or two more to draw this year as the rifle guys with most points want a crack at all those bulls before the archers.

    Does anyone know what the effects were the last 2 years in 22 and 7w on the archery hunts with the hunt being pushed back a week, and being shot at by rifles or muzzys?



    Resolved to the fact I wasn't drawn again. 18 bp's and counting. Congratulations to those that were drawn.

    Wow. You get the patience award. That is a long time!

    Lol, if it weren't for my job at ups I would have got drawn for a late bull tag a long time ago. Since I can't take the week after thanksgiving off and I don't bow hunt I relegate myself to putting in for the early trophy rifle bull hunts.

    Get a muzzleloader, you wont regret it

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