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  1. Love that username. I feel like I almost copied you...? :D
  2. Beautiful Daughter man, I wish you the best of luck on your Unit 10 hunt, will read this thread from time to time to hear about your adventure!
  3. Red Dog

    Best outfitters unit 10

    Check out Don Martin of Arizona Wildlife Outfitters. Heard nothing but great things of him, and he's based out of Kingman, so it's a short drive to Big Bo Ranch.
  4. Red Dog

    Unit 10

    Love unit 10, it's a great unit. As 208 and rage said, lots of elk. I've always stuck around the Williams corner, if you can hunt weekdays, you'll have a Better quality hunt. I harvested my elk near the Williams corner, just put in some work, get away from the crowds, and hunt hard. Don't be surprised to see cow elk taunting you on the golf course when driving back through Williams either... 😂 Big Bo is huge, so put in lots of time behind your glass.
  5. Red Dog

    First Time Fox

    Cool video Eric, Congrats to your Cousin for harvesting his first Fox. Hunting with family and those you care about make for the best memories.
  6. Red Dog

    American Sniper

    Read the book, and saw the movie last night at the midnight premier. The book of course, is/always will be better than the movie. I thought the movie was great, it had quite a bit on some things that weren't in the book, Hollywood fictional action, but for the most part, the movie portrayed Chris as the book portrayed him, as a humble American just doing what his duty as a SEAL was. -Seth
  7. Red Dog

    ** updated ** Prayers for a Brothers son

    Done, Best wishes to the young man and his family.
  8. Red Dog

    1st Elk for me

    Congrats on the hunt! That's meat in the freezer.
  9. Red Dog

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone as well, have a great couple of holidays with the family at your side.
  10. Red Dog

    My First Elk Hunt

    Awesome bulls to both of you! Congrats on the elk! Keep it up, looking forward to future pics and stories from ya!
  11. Red Dog

    The ladies got it done

    Congrats to both hunters, some great Bulls, and great memories.
  12. Red Dog

    first bull, late seasson!

    Nice Bull Jgraffaz, nice bit of character on that warrior! Keep it up!
  13. Red Dog

    Finally got it done late season bull

    Awesome Bull, congrats on getting it done.
  14. Seen you as I was pulling in. Used to work there 2 years ago, but now I just play soccer with the employee team every once in a blue moon. You play adult softball there I'm assuming? Love the plate. -Seth
  15. Red Dog

    Toyota FJ at Big League Dreams, Gilbert

    How'd she do? Haha that's awesome kaffer saw you right after posting it was probably you. Nice ride brother.
  16. Red Dog

    Finally got a nice bull

    Huge bull! Congrats on the monster! Post the story, I'd love to hear it!
  17. Hey guys, I'm extremely interested in trapping, I'm 20 years old, a full time college student, I'm majoring Forestry with a wildlife management cert in hopes of working for the AZGFD. I just finished the trappers education course, and just have to buy my trappers license. I was wondering if anyone would be up for taking me on a couple trapping check lines and running me through it? I mainly just want to see what it's like, and if it's something I want to invest in, as well as learn and get some first hand experience. I live in the Gilbert/Mesa area off of Higley/Guadalupe, would prefer to drive to someone in the east valley, but am open for any opportunity I can get. I'm definitely willing to help in any way possible in exchange for first hand experience and knowledge. - Seth S.
  18. Red Dog

    I would like to learn trapping

    Man, If I would have known you were in the same class, I would have said whatsup. I'll check out the thread now. Thanks for the info Coues assassin!
  19. Update: Got all I needed in between Facebook and this site! Thank-you very much for helping out! Hey guys, for my statistics class, I need to survey 25 people on speeding tickets before Monday. Also, please comment if you've never gotten a ticket before, as I need to keep track of this as well. This is what I need to know: Age: Sex: Number of speeding tickets recieved entire life: Speed in miles per hour when recieved ticket(s): Price of ticket(s): Please and thank-you guys! -Seth S.
  20. Red Dog

    I would like to learn trapping

    Thanks Critter, I may take you up on the offer for the DVD, I've been watching YouTube videos on setting up cage traps, descenting the traps, etc. pretty interested in learning all I can. Nothing beats first-hand experience. -Seth
  21. Red Dog

    Help a college student with his class

    Thank-you all very much! Got all I needed in between here and on Facebook. Thanks again y'all!
  22. Got ya Dwayne! Was a pleasure volunteering and meeting you at Big Fish Day, looking forward to volunteering with you in the future! -Seth
  23. My friend sent me this photo, he was estatic to see his first coueswhitetail sticker in the "concrete jungle". Love all the stickers you got on there!
  24. Red Dog

    Career advice?

    Computer opportunites are definitely on the rise. Like Web security, design, and programming. Programming is huge right now, my bud is 20 years old, started programming 2 years ago, and is bringing in 65k+ a year self-employed. You can find a lot of coding websites, that can teach you all you need to learn about programming. Most important thing though, is to do something that you love doing. I wanted to do electrical engineering, just because it was great money. After working close with electrical engineers at Boeing for a year, I realized it wasn't for me. Started going after a career that involved my passion for the outdoors. So I settled for Forestry. -Seth
  25. Red Dog

    catfish buddy needed in show low

    Looks like fun, If i lived near ya, I'd take you up on your offer. Catch a big one!