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    Price without scope? Pm me if you want. Wife is a lefty but shoots my right hand rifles......kinda want to get her one for herself.
  2. Wrk2Hnt

    *SOLD* Remington Sendero 264WM TACK DRIVER!

    Where you located? Also what is recoil like? I've never shot this caliber........I like my 7stw.
  3. Wrk2Hnt

    FS Leupold M8 4X Scope

    I'll take it Scooter.
  4. Wrk2Hnt

    My buddy's BIG forky

    1.5" extra.......we will take it. All counts towards gross score.
  5. Wrk2Hnt

    My buddy's BIG forky

    I got to see it the other night. Bigger than it looks. Lots of mass thru the whole thing. Compared it to a 92" 2x3.
  6. Wrk2Hnt

    ***Sold*** Leupold VX-3 scope 4.5-14 power $350

    I had 6.5-20 on my 7stw and went back to 4.5-14.
  7. Wrk2Hnt

    ***Sold*** Leupold VX-3 scope 4.5-14 power $350

    That's a steal on an awesome everything you want to hunt scope. Enough to see Coues at 800+ & still backs out enough for if you jump something on the way in.
  8. Wrk2Hnt

    Winchester 94 in 30-30

    Still available?
  9. Wrk2Hnt

    Ruger Muzzleloader 77/50 Nikon Omega

    Ok, sent you a PM.
  10. Wrk2Hnt

    Ruger Muzzleloader 77/50 Nikon Omega

    Where you located?
  11. Wrk2Hnt

    Scope, Bino Hub, Tree Stand

    Nice meeting you, awesome man cave.
  12. Wrk2Hnt

    Scope, Bino Hub, Tree Stand

    What part of East valley? Interested in the scope but it might be a couple days til I get out there if you'd hold onto it for me.
  13. Wrk2Hnt

    Leupold and Leica

    Rick will take them all if you let him.
  14. Wrk2Hnt


    I sent you a pm.
  15. Wrk2Hnt


    Where you located? Interested in Leupold.
  16. Wrk2Hnt


    I want this because it looks so neat. But I have a baby on the way....... Let me know if trades become an option.
  17. Wrk2Hnt

    Ruger m77 .223 rem

    IWI/ Magnum Research baby desert eagle 40 s&w, steel frame with accessory rail, 3 mags. ......
  18. Wrk2Hnt

    Ruger m77 .223 rem

  19. Wrk2Hnt

    Remington 870 Magnum Express 20 Gauge

    Dang Rick! You do need a new safe. I "almost" wanted this gun.
  20. My second is due in like 6 weeks.....
  21. Let me know when you are ready for trades.
  22. Wrk2Hnt

    springfield range officer 1911 9mm

  23. Wrk2Hnt

    Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x50

    No worries Rick. I made it there safe and got back home with the scope.
  24. Wrk2Hnt

    Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x50

    Sent you a text. Ive bought too many scopes from you!