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    Me too......free bump
  2. Wrk2Hnt

    Mini fridge

  3. Pm me your number and I'll forward it to him.
  4. Still available? Have a buddy getting ready to build a rifle that might be interested.
  5. Wrk2Hnt

    SOLD Smith Wesson 586 No Dash

    Trades/ partial trades?
  6. Wrk2Hnt

    Old Ruger Single Six .22lr/mag reduced $

    I have to ask......trades? Not allowed to "buy" stuff with new baby on the way.
  7. Wrk2Hnt

    Tool boxes for sale

  8. Anyone have one they aren't using? Decided to swith directions on my 10/22. I have a Bell and Carlson Anshultz style for heavy barrel (black with gray webbing) I'm looking to get rid of for $160.
  9. http://www.bellandcarlson.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=1109
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  11. Wrk2Hnt

    Leupold Scopes for Sale

    I'll take seconds on #2 if it falls thru.
  12. Wrk2Hnt

    Remington 300 RUM Brass

    Pretty sure you could buy loaded Nosler ammo for less than $4.20 per round too. My 7STW doesn't even cost that much for factory loads. Maybe his price was a typo......hopefully.
  13. What part of tucson?
  14. Wrk2Hnt

    223 ammo

    Wish you were closer or I'd jump on some of the 77gr ammo.
  15. Wrk2Hnt

    Rem 870 express magnum 12ga $220

    Yep, it puts 69gr nosler in a clover at 100.
  16. Wrk2Hnt

    Rem 870 express magnum 12ga $220

    Dang, wish I was going to Tucson soon.....I still have that tackdriver mossberg ssi-one 223 I got from you.
  17. Wrk2Hnt

    Leupold scopes

    Where you located?
  18. Would you sell the scope seperate?
  19. Wrk2Hnt

    Merry Christmas

    Where you located? I might have one for you if you can't get this one.
  20. Wrk2Hnt


    Stop bumping this up, I want both......put everything back in the safe Mike.
  21. Wrk2Hnt

    10 month old GSP

    So is it free, or how much?
  22. Anyone know of someone local that does case coloring? I have a lever gun that I want to do but don't want to ship it out and pay more money than I paid for the gun.
  23. Wrk2Hnt

    Ruger M-77 stocks

    A mk-ii stock won't fit a 77 tang safety.