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    Leftover tags

    Can't exchange tags, but you can still get a leftover for whatever is available in the area you want since the limit is 2.
  2. Wrk2Hnt


    Gave your # to a buddy that might be interested. The tent I got off you has worked flawless on 2 hunts so far and a 3rd hunt this weekend.
  3. Wrk2Hnt

    AR 15 up for trade

    What's his # or contact info and location? Might know someone with something to trade.
  4. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS Swarovski 15x56

    Do you still have these? If so where are you located? I have a buddy in the market right now.
  5. The rifle shoots....... got a 2.028" & 1.720" group......both at 400yds. Pretty impressed with what Todd has built for me. Oh ya, that's with factory Nosler 175ABLR also.
  6. Todd built me my very first full custom rifle.......awesome 7stw like I asked for....I'll let him post his pic and details. Too many mods and and specs for me to remember.
  7. Wrk2Hnt

    Leupold VX3

  8. Wrk2Hnt

    Rifle Stock Painting

    Nice paint job for Adam
  9. Wrk2Hnt

    unit 1 bull

    Great bull. My only archery elk was a spike.......it was a fun/ challenging hunt. Glad you stuck it out and got it done. Congrats on some good eating!
  10. Wrk2Hnt


    I'm bad at that too.......last time I tried that they were also gone. Now I just put in for Oct WT tags cuz it's "too hot" for most.
  11. Wrk2Hnt


    So i still lose? Dang......I'm bad at this. Thought it was like the draw.....
  12. Wrk2Hnt


    10th......now I have 2 spots?
  13. Wrk2Hnt

    delete found thanks all

    How much?
  14. Wrk2Hnt

    Leica Geovid 15x56 HD

    He doesn't have them anymore. I got them a couple weeks ago.
  15. Wrk2Hnt

    What do you guys think?

    "Engineering hammer"
  16. Wrk2Hnt

    Montana Elk Decoy $70

    Do you still have this? I have a buddy who is interested
  17. Wrk2Hnt

    Harris bipod

    Where you located?
  18. Wrk2Hnt


    Nice meeting you, thanks for a great tent.
  19. Wrk2Hnt


    Pm sent
  20. Wrk2Hnt

    SWAROVSKI 15x56 SLC $1,400

    Dang, wish I saw this earlier.
  21. Wrk2Hnt


    Pm sent anyways. Lol
  22. Wrk2Hnt


    Free bump. I want it, but have to save to pay off my rifle being built.
  23. Bump, sent it to a couple guys for you.