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    Various Rifle scopes for Sale

    Pm sent
  2. Wrk2Hnt

    ISO gunsmith around Phoenix

    Second for Todd. He has done numerous guns for me from muzzle brakes to a complete custom. I know he has done a lot of work for other members here as well.
  3. Looking more for someone that deals in rentals or property management for advice/ help. Either text me or pm me on here as I don't answer random phone calls anymore. Thanks, Paul (602)five71three24six
  4. Wrk2Hnt

    Ramps for Quad needed again

    I have two singIe tri fold ramps I'd trade for a center folding ramp depending on width.
  5. Like the title says, looking for an older ADL short action wooden stock. Need something I can cut down a bit for my son to use. I had Todd/ Southernxpress do up a 243 a couple years ago for my kid but a standard stock is still too big. Not looking for anything expensive or pretty. I can sand and paint it to look good for a nother year or two so he can use it. He pulled an "any antlered" youth tag for November so I figure I'll start looking now. Thanks in advance. Paul (Six02)57one-324six
  6. Wrk2Hnt

    WTB 700 SA ADL old wooden stock

    He didn't last time I asked. Good call tho, I should call again.
  7. Wrk2Hnt

    2015 Polaris Ranger Crew

  8. Wrk2Hnt

    96 Chevy K1500 4x4 Ext Cab - SOLD

    Sent you a pm
  9. Wrk2Hnt

    Remington 700 SPS 223

    Illuminated reticle on the VX-R?
  10. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    #1. Leupold M8 8x, AO, target elevation, thin reticle with target dot in center, got back from Leupold a few months ago and had a bunch of new parts put in it. $250 #2. Leupold Ultimate Slam 3-9x40, Sabot ballistic reticle, target elevation turret. Brand new from Leupold. $275 Located in Chandler Paul (602)571-324six
  11. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Still available
  12. Wrk2Hnt

    Redtick coonhound

    He's still available. If I didn't have 3 dogs already I'd take him from you Matt. This dog has a lot of potential, I just don't have the time or energy for another young hound.
  13. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Bump again
  14. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Bump again
  15. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Another bump
  16. Wrk2Hnt

    Sold ** Custom 6.5-284, Proof Research, Nightforce

    If Todd built this rifle you can bet your a$$ it shoots. Free bump. I'll try to come get my new hat sometime this week Todd.
  17. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Weekend bump
  18. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Bump, no commitments yet
  19. Wrk2Hnt

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Weekend bump
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    It is now