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  1. A little natural morning sun appearance .... Being I built this my appreciation and admiration for it is much higher... Love looking at this now everyday!
  2. Love the way the dried manzanita turned out
  3. sorry for the sideways pic
  4. After about $60 in supplies and Abt 8 hours total time I finished it up with this. I'm super happy with how it turned out.
  5. trkyslr

    Finally got it done this morning

    Congrats buddy!!! Heck of a year with a stud blacktail now a stud bull!
  6. Thanks for invite kidso! Sounds like a great time which I won't make unfortunately. Have fun!
  7. trkyslr

    Coyote Pedestal Mount

    very nice! quick question regarding that manzanita branch used ,,, is it real? if so is it dried out then painted or how did you make it end up looking that way? im intwerested cuz Ive thought of making my own habitat for a mount i have already.
  8. Cannon eos 7d slr with tamron 17-50 lense... With charger, battery, memory card. One year old like new. Takes amazing photos and video. New this package is approx $2600 and I'm asking $1600 obo. If interested pm me and we'll go from there.
  9. Awesome vids jay! Just finished the last ones. Amazing rut activity!
  10. Aw some jay! Patiently waiting for the kill video to get uploaded.
  11. trkyslr

    Cool bobcat with elk picture

    very cool pic!!!!!!
  12. trkyslr

    Mady's Bull

    wowwwwww!!!!!! awesome
  13. trkyslr

    Dont Wait...

    agreed! drives me crazy when i hear of so called bowhunters going into shops the week before the season to get their bow tuned or equipment.
  14. i have 4 brand new ones im trying to sell. will sell them $90 each. pm me if interested.
  15. trkyslr

    Tick Toc

    A looooooooooonnnngg 98 days. Ill prepare, shoot carp, and shoot some blacktails until then!
  16. Great video! Someday ill have to head south
  17. trkyslr

    Mexico Goulds Turkey

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  18. trkyslr

    2 Unit 27 tags filled! My wife's first big game animal. .

    good work Blake!!!