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  1. This Saturday, November 18th the Outdoorsmans will be having our Official Grand Opening at our new location in Fountain Hills! Come join us for glassing seminars, talk to the optics reps, and enter to win some free optics!

    The event is from 9am-5pm at 16872 E. Ave of the Fountains unit 107! We are located directly across from the fountain and next door to All American Bar and Grill!

    Don't miss this event!

    Thank you!


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  2. Balerjoe that is a great question! The new SLC are a phenomenal piece of glass, they are truly an upgrade over the older models, but they still fall short of the ELs. The ELs have better coatings, field flattening lenses, and a more ergonomic feel in my opinion. I don't think you could go wrong with either option in the 10x power range.


    If you are looking for a smaller neck glass I would take a hard look at the EL 8x32. They have a wider FOV and all the benefits of the EL glass in a much more compact size than the 8.5x42s.


    Thank you


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  3. The rumors are true Swarovski has released a Dual Eyepiece for the STX/ATX modular spotting scope! https://outdoorsmans.com/products/swarovski-btx-eyepiece


    "It has been a while since a new product has come onto the market that truly has the ability of changing the landscape of glassing for big game. The introduction of the SLC 15x56 comes to mind. The BTX has a chance to be an even bigger game changer. No more will you have to squint or deal with eye strain when using your spotting scope. Like we have always said two eyes are better than one, and now the best spotting scope on the market allows you to use both eyes to see the unseen!" Jake Rush, Manager of the Outdoorsmans


    "The Swarovski BTX is officially launched! This revolutionary binocular eyepiece will change the way I use optics forever. Honestly I have not been this excited about a new product since... actually I can't think of anything!" Chris Denham, Western Hunter



  4. CJ yes our packs and frames are both american made. The frame has a lifetime warranty and the bag has a limited lifetime warranty.


    STS our bags have different weights depending on the material used in their production. The Multicam at 7.02 pounds is our lightest pack, followed by the Coyote at 7.11 and the True Timber right at 8 lbs.


    Thank you for the questions!

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