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    Misc Items

    I’ll take the nerf bars
  2. Bitterlizard


  3. Bitterlizard

    J C Higgins 12 gauge pump for sale

    I’ll take it if still available
  4. Bitterlizard


    Ever make it to Tucson?
  5. Bitterlizard

    Excellent ford tech and an auto body guy needs work.

    Can he paint my hunting truck? sure! Send me his info
  6. Bitterlizard

    Free 5 rnd Mini 14 mag Tucson

    I’ll take it
  7. Bitterlizard

    LaCrosse 18 inch snake boots

    22 and pantano
  8. Bitterlizard

    LaCrosse 18 inch snake boots

    I’m on the east side
  9. Bitterlizard

    LaCrosse 18 inch snake boots

    Where you located?
  10. Bitterlizard


    Is this approach or approach fx? Where are you located?
  11. Bitterlizard


    I’d like to come by and take a look
  12. Bitterlizard


    Ill take them, live on east side of town
  13. Bitterlizard

    Vortex 12x50 Diamondback Binos

    East Tucson
  14. Bitterlizard

    Vortex 12x50 Diamondback Binos

    Wish I was in east Gilbert!
  15. Bitterlizard

    2001 Tacoma crewcab 4x4 with elocker $7200

    Definitely, would love to see pictures
  16. Bitterlizard


    Got pics?
  17. Bitterlizard

    Long list of items

    What color is the badlands XR, looking for approach fx
  18. Bitterlizard

    Doctor 15x60s

    Where you located
  19. Bitterlizard

    Free Queensland Heeler Pup

    Where are you located
  20. Bitterlizard

    Trailer .. downgrade?

    My friend hads that exact same trailer and was plagued with the same problem. Took the trailer to my uncle who welds and added a foot to the front end. All it cost was material and beer (for my uncle) and problem solved.
  21. Bitterlizard


    In Tucson, thanks anyway.
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  23. Bitterlizard

    Savage 30-06 Model 110

    Savage 30-06 Model 110 for sale $225.00 OBO 520-955-0318 Eastside
  24. Bitterlizard

    Sold!! Remington 600 Mohawk