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  1. Thanks for the responses. I double checked online, and there is no private property west of Oracle Ridge, where I was this past weekend. I'll be jumping some fences next weekend.
  2. varnco

    Unit 33 - First hunt

    Thanks for the general information. There are many entrances to Unit 33, so not sure what ranch you may be talking about... is it coming in off old Mt Lemmon Road from Oracle? There were a bunch of ranches there, but we turned off to check out Oracle Ridge and PepperSauce Canyon. I was out in Unit 33 this past weekend, and checked out PepperSauce Canyon area, and focused on the Oracle Ridge area. We took the 4wd all the way along the end of Oracle Ridge till the road ended, up towards Rice Peak. Didn't see much opportunity there, unless we jumped the fence and hiked down Oracle Ridge (west) for a mile or two. Didn't get a chance to check out the area south and east of Peppersauce, but near PepperSauce camp seemed to be some areas which I'm sure will have a hunter every 5 feet come opening day. I also checked out the 4x4 road that takes you in toward Charloueou Gap (coming in from the east side).. dang that's one heck of a 4x4 route! We never made it to the gap, but got in about 2.5 miles and didn't see any deer, but found 2 bow hunters. I don't think I got back in enough, nor high enough in elevation for WT. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. So, no problems in jumping the fence? I didn't see anything posted as "no trespassing", but in general, I take barbed wire fences as "keep out". Now, it wasn't razor wire, but still. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Unit 33 - First hunt

    Thanks for all the replies.. all very helpful. To be clear, the "roads" are the ones taht require 4x4/ATV? Not the entry road to Peppersauce canyon for example, that a car could traverse or a little bumpy that a "SUV" could handle, but the road that leads out of Peppersauce and back towards Oracle Ridge that requires a UTV/ATV/or a good 4x4?
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    Virus Problems???

    My last mention of the subject (really, this time). I just have several websites that I own, and I had an injection problem with one once a few years ago. A real sucker to track down and fix. Check out this link, it may help you track down the source of the injection script. http://browse.feedreader.com/c/Peter_Upfold/279791270 These suckers sometimes hide themselves in your website cache somewhere, usually a result of a skin or plugin that was compromised at some point. My web site was eventually marked as "warning" by google after awhile, and I'm sure you don't want that happening. Good luck.
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    Virus Problems???

    Not sure what "I'm good" means.. you're a mod (i'm obviously new here), and you're on it? FWIW, it did it again, coming in off a google search (I pulled a unit 33 white tail tag for October, so I'm searching for information), and on a link that takes me to this site, it popped up a different site entirely. I tried it from Bing, and same thing. Attached are the images... in case it helps. Just trying to be helpful, as it's appears to loading up a virus to trick people into downloading.
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    Virus Problems???

    Definitely this forum has a virus or has been hacked. every now andvthen when visiting, I get redirected to advertising. ending url today was http://url4short.info/d0572ba5 Look for a script in footer or header that injects itself. Your web host can probably scan your directory for you and find it.