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  1. Seems like the rut varies by location? I was up in 24a last weekend and just saw solo doe's and 1 solo buck (youngster). Up in the mountains (man, it's a shame the burn it got (again), but should be good in a few years).

    The rut should be starting (or I missed it, lol).

    Good luck all!

  2. 5 hours ago, nateNAU said:

    I was blasting doves at sundown last night at had a nice 6x6 walk into about 300 yards. Stood there and watched as I shot a few more times. I packed up and as I started to drive away I saw him walk down to the water. Away from the peaks out in the cedars. Lots of elk down there.

    Thanks! Went out to the flats and didn't hear any bugling, but missed a nice 5x5.

  3. 2 hours ago, elkocd said:

    Been around Flagstaff 7W, 7E and 11 for a few days and have not heard a bugle. Watched some groups of elk and didn't see any rut activity. 

    Went over to the flats tonight north of 514 and didn't hear anything either. Must be later this year. There's always something, lol.

  4. 4 hours ago, Jfos said:

    I was in the process of writing out places for you to check out and then I realized it was all 7w!

    Anyways 7e is pretty solid, and has good elk numbers. I’d stay closer to the 180 rather than go Far East on the unit. But that’s just because I’m more familiar with that area. Elk are all around the area. A lot of pressure through archery deer and early elk. But seems to be more road hunters than anything. 

    Anyways...check our white horse area and deadman wash area Or north of there. 

    Also like someone mentioned early around the Nordic camp area off the 180. 
    Just keep doing what your doing, Elk are all in there. Put Time in the field and you’ll find them.


    Thanks for the advice. I'll keep at it!

  5. On 8/24/2021 at 11:14 AM, PineCountryHunter said:

    With all the water and feed im guessing the animals are all pretty spread out and dont have to move around very much to fill their bellies and get a drink. I have had the archery cow hunt in there a few times but that was 10+ years ago. We were always on Elk on the north and east side of the mountain. Always had the best luck around the Nordic Center off 180 and the Herchdeffer (sp) Hills. also had good bugling near the Bear Jaw trailhead.  We were also in elk near the campgorund on the south side of the peaks by the gas lines, forget what its called. Some other areas to check out would be the flatter transition areas north of Kendrick park and around the Bismark Lake trailhead on the east side of the peaks. Keep hiking and getting familar with the lay of the land. When they start talking you will have the knowledge from your scounting hikes to make it happen. good luck

    Thanks.. there is food everywhere.. in trees, in prairies... everywhere. Water is available in most areas as well, if there's a tank nearby. All good things, but then again, that means they can be almost anywhere.

    I am going to assume they are going to be higher/ cooler than the lower elevations at this time of year and in September, as it's still relatively hot in Flagstaff (High 82* this week).

    I am hoping they're talking at the beginning of the hunt, but I know they're more likely to be talking towards the end of the hunt. 

    Heading up again this weekend and see if there's anything on a few cameras I put up.


  6. Went up again to 7E this weekend, and like seeing tanks with water and the greenery is amazing... food everywhere.

    Saw quite a few deer, including a couple of bucks (since it's OTC), but nothing taken.

    Scouted around the N side of the main mountain there, and saw sign, but didn't see any elk, and my 2 evil cameras only got deer on them. Did about 5 miles on boots, and was in the 8400 - 8700 elevation area

    Scouted around on the S side of the mountain, general area, N of 522/Shultz Tank, up to 9400 feet, and again, found elk sign, but no elk (cows or bull). Did about 5 miles on boot and was in the 8400 - 9400 elevation area.

    Came across a few OTC deer hunters, one saw 1 buck, said last year, there were many more. Maybe the drought earlier this year has kept some of the animals away?

    Any tips are appreciated... or just keep doing what I'm doing?


  7. 4 hours ago, G_E_E said:

    Had some luck walking the pine flats and cow calling when I had that tag 3 years ago.

    Were they responding in the first part of the hunt or only second part? Sep 10 seems a bit early, but like that there's virtually no moon.

  8. I am extremely happy to see the rain they are getting up north. I was going to go today and do some initial scouting for camping area, looking for cow elk sign, and throwing up a few cameras, but decided against, since they were calling for lightning as well.


  9. 14 hours ago, HuntHarder said:

    The slate fire last month burned a bunch of good areas in 7E.  I have had this hunt and we found elk from top to bottom.  On the peaks all the way to unit 9 boundary.  There are lots of elk, but finding a big bull can be challenging.  On my hunt, it seemed like 80% of the hunters where in about a 3x3 mile area.  Water was key on our hunt.  Good luck man!

    Thanks... I didn't hear that any significant portion of 7E recently. I guess I'll see when I'm up there later this month when I get up there, but it looks like the slate fire took out the top NW section of 7e.. out in the PJ flats. That just means the moved somewhere... to find that somewhere is the challenge. Thanks!

  10. Hunted this unit before, but a late rifle tag instead, about 4 years ago.  I have my tracks down on where I went, sign, etc. It was very dry and a super moon, with no snowfall 

    Wondering how this unit will hunt differently with a September 10th Archery hunt, no full moon, but still pretty dry conditions.

    I'm guessing that by Sept 10th, they'll be up high most likely, in the timber, to get away from the August OTC Archery deer hunters.

    My first trip back to the unit will be in the next two weeks to get familiar with the unit again, find the open/closed roads/trails and see how dry it is (again).


  11. Thanks everyone. It appears there are pros and cons to both, but the moon phase with 9% illumination on the 9th, no pressure for months appeals to me immensely.

    Perhaps splitting this up may make sense and give this older body time to recover and come back later for round 2 if not successful the first round.

    Full 14 days is not an option.

    Early Pro:
    Unpressured new season
    7% moon

    Early Con:
    Low rut activity
    500 fellow hunting friends

    Late Pro:
    Potential higher rut activity - autumn equinox (9/22)

    Late Con
    Pressured elk, likely moved out of August scouted area
    Less elk (hunter success)
    Full moon

    I appreciate everyone's feedback!


  12. I was pulled for 7E archery, (Starts 9/10) and was wondering if there's an advantage of early part of the 2-week hunt or later part? I can only hunt a max of 5-7 days, so I need to pick wisely. I unsuccessfully hunted this unit for late rifle a few years ago, so have a decent lay of the land (at least the side I hunted, which tended to be the east side of the mountains).

    My brain says early, as there's usually never a better day than the first day the season opens. Are they likely to be bugling in the early part of the hunt, later, or is bugling just over-rated (makes for great TV shows).

    I was also planning on scouting starting in late July, to get the lay of the land, find trails, setup a few cameras, look for active trails/bedding for cows, assuming the bulls will come to the cows in September. Any bulls on cameras in July won't be there in September.


  13. 2 minutes ago, trphyhntr said:

    how they can update my dads portal when he doesnt have one? 

    When he finally creates one, it'll be tied to his license and will show. They still have a database for him, whether he choses to create a portal account or not.

  14. Trying to figure out my odds using go hunt.

    The AZGFD web site says I have 4 points:

    2 Species, 1 Loyalty and 1 Hunter Ed. So, is that how many points i have for the "Bonus Pass" and then for the next pass, I will have 5 points total (including this year's submission for a tag).

    To calculate my odds of getting draw, do I use 4pts or do I enter 5, since I'll have 5 "random numbers" generated?