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  1. Str8Shot

    Primos Cam in 23N

    LITTER? I think there is actual litter, unattended camp fires and off road driving we should be more concerned about. Places are being shut down and not because of trail cams. They are actual LITTER as well
  2. Str8Shot

    Fishing Big Lake

    Here is the replica of my Brothers Cut Throat caught in 2015 at Big Lake.... caught on the lure in his mouth
  3. Str8Shot

    Primos Cam in 23N

    I would bet that 1/2 or possibly 2/3's of cams out in the field belong to Guide/Outfitters.... Even with losing some, I am sure it costs them a lot less money than paying for more boots on the ground or finders fees Shame our public land is being filled with such LITTER
  4. Str8Shot

    Fishing Big Lake

    All my friends, family, and myself use are Lures and Artificial Flies At all the trout lakes... For Big lake My go to Lure in a Yozuri Pin Minnow ( type depends on if in boat or shore) but crick hoppers, Rebel craws, Z-Rays, in line spinners all produce well up there. another thing you will almost never see are boats on the lake after dark... We have caught hundreds of quality trout working or trolling lures at night.
  5. Str8Shot

    Fishing Big Lake

    Make sure you have some stuff to help them catch craws too... If like most kids around 7 years they will get impatient in the first 30 mins and find it more fun finding and catching craws. Personally, I had my kids off bait fishing by 9 and 10 and at Big lake Floating wet flies on spinning rigs. They caught way more fish, stayed way more excited and loved not having to deal with snags or staying in one spot waiting.
  6. Str8Shot

    Heads Up! Again

    Do you guys actually read the bills? Or should I say the Bill since only one is actually an introduced Bill. I for one hate seeing public lands sold off and more so I hate seeing public lands locked by private property. The reality is Land has, does and will be sold for many reasons. but nothing I see in this one Bill is about selling off huge amounts of land. Reading the bill it is apparent that this is targeting the small parcels locked up in all these stupid checker board lands( most of which are not easily accessed for hunting ) I for one would prefer Land swaps and new boundries creating large parcels of public land that is accessible and get rid of checker boarding, though this will never happen. Arizona has sold, traded or transferred less than 13% of State Trust Land that was deeded in 1910 the lowest of any state granted with such trusts, so I am sure it could be a lot worse. Honestly, I would not mind a bill like this for the small guys but Knowing that it will be people like those who Own and Run Big Bo that would swoop in , buy and profit from such a Bill, for that reason I hope this Bill and any other like it never make it to the floor.
  7. Str8Shot

    TRUMP executive order....pay attention

    an Interesting take ... https://www.azgfd.com/multiple-use-management-plays-critical-role-in-natural-resources-management/
  8. Str8Shot

    Scouting 3a3c

    Mulepackhunter is right about pressure, with one exception about 1/4 will be working the Rim road from Pinedale to 260 looking for Bulls moving on and off the Res line... Nothing wrong with that late tag and possibility at quality bulls... IMO getting some scouting N of the 260 would be a good thing.
  9. Str8Shot

    TRUMP executive order....pay attention

    Grand Canyon is a National Park .... The expansion in 2000 Grand Canyon Parashant was clamied as a monument and technically not under NPS.
  10. Str8Shot

    TRUMP executive order....pay attention

    He did not retract the antiquities act ... The order is give back land grabbed by the last administration abusing the act and taking over 265 million acres from the states.... We are not losing National Forests, or National monuments... it is limiting the manner in which the National Government can create new Monuments and seize state land. If too much land is deemed Federal ( which is technically against the constitution ) and somehow the Libtards seized control of the Fed, do you think they would allow guns and hunting on the land? There again our founding Fathers understood the need for states rights over federal government.
  11. Str8Shot

    Black rattlesnake

    It is an Arizona Black (Crotalus cerberus) often mistaken for a Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) which we do not have in AZ.
  12. Str8Shot

    Old Iphones

    I suggest saving old iphones can set them up on stand with wi-fi and use as a live target cam.
  13. Str8Shot

    Believe it or not

    Most of the guys I know putting in for bull hunts put in only for 2 selections ( sometimes 3 and 4 for late hunts) so I would think that it could be possible for a single tag to be left for particular hunt numbers after the BP and 1st pass.... of course, with a single tag, any application with more than one applicant would not be successful and it would not be until a single applicant had that hunt number possibly even as a 3rd or 4th choice... am I wrong in seeing this as a possibility?
  14. Str8Shot

    San Carlos Lake

    Won't they be up shallow spawning right now or is that later? Standman could most likely answer that question better, since it has been several years for me being on the lake.... but dozens of years fishing for slabs on that lake fishing March and April we almost always started in 15 - 20 feet of water in the mouths and centers of bigger coves .... but pretty much anytime after mid March you want to at least toss some jigs into the brush and stick ups in the shallows ... If they are spawning hard in the shallows you can usually tell just by watching for the brush and stickups for movement that is not wind or waves. If you go shallow and are pulling up only smaller males I would recommend moving a little deeper. Just sucks knowing I probably wont make it up there this year so hoping water levels next year this time are good. Will have to stick to some Saguaro Lake Crappie this spring.
  15. Str8Shot

    San Carlos Lake

    Not sure if there are enough boats on the water but to find the crappie usually you just have to find the Floatzilla (a.k.a a large number of boats in a certain area) ...Rig up a roadrunner jig ( lots of colors on your plastic work) finish with a minnow on the hook and troll slow ... Vary your speed and depth (amount of line out) until you start hooking up... Land crappie and repeat from there.
  16. Str8Shot

    'Filmed in AZ' favorites...

    Don't forget the Movie Jake's Corner .. should be able to guess where it is filmed
  17. Str8Shot

    'Filmed in AZ' favorites...

    Favorites are tough .. Many good Westerns .. To parts of Psycho ... Even Rambo III .... U-turn is an entertaining one many do not know To see Picket Post and the Castle on the Rock in a movie was pretty cool.
  18. My dad is getting older and decided to upgrade his awning to an electric model ... So he has a 19 foot A&E/Domestic awning for sale... It is in great condition.. material is only a few years old but did have one small repair done due to a falling limb. it has all accessories minus the Top Brackets ( they were used on new install) ...If anyone is in need or knows anyone please send PM ... Price is $250 which is about half of what other used awning of this size are selling.
  19. Str8Shot

    The new boarder wall

    LOL... if you got to see the guy talking with Tucker you should have gotten a good laugh.... Cali would not survive if cut off or having to really purchase the resources they steal from neighboring states. We could probably cut the deficit by 20 - 30% in 8 years if no federal money is going to Cali anyway
  20. Str8Shot

    The new boarder wall

    No issue .... even if they did not sale the land tribal land is not immune to eminent domain.... Everything was put in place over a decade ago to secure the border building a wall ... Majority if not all of land easement are already controlled ... Environmentalist will not stop it as again laws were put in place that allow DHS to go forward... and lets be honest when it comes to Animals ... There are not big migratory ranges across the southern border other than those that have wings ... most Game lives within a 1 - 5 square miles from were the are born unless forced out of the habitat by lack of resources or predation. It may offset some animals but to think there will be significant loss of Deer or javelina down south due to a wall is a bit silly IMO....
  21. Str8Shot

    The new boarder wall

    Just starting the thread so may see an answer on all the pages to come... but if not ... here it is ... The land for the wall was purchased and/or taken by eminent domain starting in 2005 under the Secure Border Initiative. Remember Talk of securing the border for decades and many billions of dollars have been spent to basically put up worthless steel fences in certain areas while having nothing but a falling down barb for more than half of the border... Land will not be an issue ... p.s. Weeks after Trump won the election, one of the largest cement companies ( Mexican Company ) had already showed interest in providing all the cement needs for the project. p.s. Just caught up and Man this thread derailed hard for a god portion.
  22. Str8Shot

    Another thieves suck

    If you leave that much $$$$$ in your vehicle always a good idea to put $$$$ into a high end alarm ( one with remote monitoring).. Make sure it is loud and add a good Proxy and Glass break sensor ... I have chased off thieves twice one with a .357 pointing at them and once out in the field by letting a bullet fly about 600 yards blowing up a big chunk of rock about 8 feet from my truck...
  23. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    They beat the Steelers in Pittsburg and the Packers in Green bay. In case you forgot. There is a reason no rookie QB, including Brady and Rodgers and Manning and Montana, never went to a Super Bowl. And lost to the Giants twice. Congrats 4 out of 16 games where a challenge. Maybe you should go look at your Dolphins schedule again ... How many teams over 500 did you play .. heck you lost to Bengals ... had to go to OT vs the Browns , Rams , Jets, Jets, Cards, Chargers .... and you talk about an easy schedule LMAO
  24. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    All you Cowboy haters are hilarious .... Not a single one of you even had the Cowboys in the playoffs at the start of the season... Then you talk your easy schedule BS ... Lets test that ... Two teams from division in Playoffs... In the regular season, the Cowboy's beat 3 of 4 teams that also made the playoffs including Green Bay and Pitt ( still in it ) .. also Beat the 3 teams in closest contention to making a wild card round in the final week of the regular season... Face it, a Rookie Led team Facing GB twice in one year and dang near pulling off a win after being down 18 against probably the hottest team in the league right now, is far from choking. Get ready Haters because you will be doing a lot of hating over the next 5 years as They will not only be in contention every year they will Win another Superbowl or Possibly 2
  25. Str8Shot

    Bulldog permit

    CYA ... Do the online or get from Forest Service office so you have your permit with you ... couple years back had a friend stopped just using codes of others and it was not worth it in the end for him.