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    Downloading waypoints garmin rino

    Sparky ... Base camp is a free Garmin software (around for many years) and imo a must if you want to back up, store, or transfer data for your GPS. It will copy everything including your topo 2008 and show it in layers on PC allowing you more control in managing and customizing your handheld.
  2. Str8Shot

    Loyalty Point?

    you will lose your Loyalty point if you miss a year of putting in or have a mistake on an app and it is rejected.
  3. Str8Shot

    Losing Our Public Lands

    Well if you want to go by the Constitution .. The Federal Government can not own any lands except for what was given for D.C. and Lands permitted by the states for Forts and Ports .... BLM , National Forest Service etc. actually are unconstitutional and another way States Rights have been taken away by the Fed. Look at the sale history of state trust land in Arizona and you will see very little has actually been sold... my only issue has been how many gates have been locked up by companies leasing easements for utility lines and other uses.
  4. Str8Shot

    Rare Presidential Collectible

    you can grow your weed in it !
  5. Str8Shot

    Rare Presidential Collectible

  6. Str8Shot

    Is this to Judgemental?

    Just a bit, since he is technically right on the pronunciation....
  7. Str8Shot

    Opinions on coolers

    RTIC is a 7 year warranty with terms basically identical to YETI ... not to mention the 65 is actually 65 not 61 https://rticcoolers.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212937197-RTIC-Cooler-Warranty-Policy Just spoke to a rep and it has changed to 30 days as of 10/19 .... According to rep they chose to change to keep the price down without changing design or quality.... From my experince and that of friends Still can not see paying double for warranty on a cooler ... very little to fail and of that which can the cost of repair is minimal.
  8. Str8Shot

    Opinions on coolers

    RTIC is a 7 year warranty with terms basically identical to YETI ... not to mention the 65 is actually 65 not 61 https://rticcoolers.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212937197-RTIC-Cooler-Warranty-Policy
  9. Str8Shot

    Opinions on coolers

    The RTIC 65 is 169.99 right now and is just as effective as the rest IMO
  10. Look at this buck and his harem walking the streets in buckeye. Looks like he is rounding them up and looking for some of those urban does! http://www.azfamily.com/story/34026052/wheres-santas-sleigh-deer-herd-swarms-buckeye-neighborhood?autostart=true
  11. Str8Shot

    Walking the Streets of buckeye!

    They are mule deer . though she calls them reindeer probably for holiday spirit
  12. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    after the initial false start, on the second attempt where Bradford was hit in the face... it started with another uncalled false start! Look at the 1:00 minute mark on the above video 68 left side stepped back before the ball moved. Point is, refs miss calls all the time on both sides of the ball for all teams and in, and in a game like this bad calls could have cost either team the game.
  13. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    Yeah it was the refs .... the same ones who called several questionable against Dallas negating some pretty big plays .... you can go view film every week and see many no calls made on Cowboy Receivers and players that the whole world could see but not the refs ... Every O line Holds because of the way that the rules and definitions have changed ... Every team plays against the refs in the NFL . So quit whining , it is unbecoming even for a Vikings Fan.
  14. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    Was not pretty the boys made a lot of mistakes, but still a WIN !
  15. Str8Shot

    Quick tag question...

    Mountain Lion is classified as Big Game and he would have to have the Hunters safety ... or be over 14
  16. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

  17. Str8Shot

    Calling out the poacher in unit 33

    Dude , quit with your BS small game blah blah blah.... No one is going to pack out 40 -50 lbs of corn and apple to try and shoot squirrels or rabbits from a tree stand... Keep going with your liberal logic it suits all idiots equally!
  18. Str8Shot

    Calling out the poacher in unit 33

    Really ? I have seen Bear, Javelina, and Deer all feasting on wild apples, many souring to the point it smelt like vinegar from 50 yards away, in several parts of the state.... You think wild animals can not smell and tell what food is? heck, Javelina scrounge and eat all kinds of rotting food from landfills all over the place in the state. Unless that picture is under an apple tree surrounded by corn stalks it is clearly an attempt to bait... The OP would be best to give coordinates to G&F and let them check it out and decide if they want to try and find who is using the spot. No one should be surprised at the number of guys on this site that try to defend people not practicing laws... it is the same mentality that all the special snowflakes in America used to vote for a crook, and now use to try and circumvent the EC in still getting her in... Laughable at best!
  19. Str8Shot

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    Even with the banged up defense the Cowboy's are getting it done .... and giving exciting games to boot... Go Cowboys !
  20. Str8Shot

    lost Pack

    A GPS and Waypointing where you leave it makes life much simpler
  21. Str8Shot

    Holy Schit!

    Hopefully they are polished up come Friday ... All the Bucks we seen 8 Days ago were still in Velvet, not just the spikes and small forks like usual.
  22. Str8Shot

    interesting sunrise

    lens flare probably from the mirror(or what ever is reflecting in the bottom left corner)I first pic .. zooming in changed how it was affecting the lens and the scene.
  23. Str8Shot

    Culture or clueless

    I have a buddy that swears by being there first and hanging a Confederate and Don't Tread on Me flag right out where it can be seen well, says it chases the worst ones away.
  24. Str8Shot

    Don't forget to vote

    Go look at the changes made on guns in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, And New New York in the last 20 (especially the last 10) and say nothing has changed. If you do not mind being registered and only owning non semi automatic rifles and shotguns. go ahead and move to Cali and enjoy the criminals who do not care about laws. Illegal to posses Hand Guns (even antiques) in New Jersey ... Liberals are cunning patient people when it comes to disarming law abiding citizens and scrapping the second amendment and any law made by federal government to restrict or infringe upon the rights in the constitution are illegal laws which should be unenforceable if we had a Supreme Court that held true to what our founding fathers framed with the constitution. The 2nd amendment or any article in the constitution does not give any individual the right to something (like owning firearms) The constitution is a set of Rules to forbid a federal government from denying any individual the rights given by merely being alive. Your right to protect you LIFE, Your Right to be free Liberty, and your right to become the best person you can become in a Pursuit of Happiness. Our federal government was put into place to create laws that hold all states in the Union to the founding principles of the constitution, not laws to govern all individuals(that falls under states rights), To Build a military with the cooperation of all states in the union to protect our Constitution, our Country (our Borders,) and All States. Last but not least to be a representative of the people not the Master of the People (something that was forgotten a long time ago) heck even Federal Forests, Parks, and the BLM are technically Illegal and Un-Constitutional since there was never an an amendment added to the Constitution to allow the federal Government to own any land other than D.C. and Forts and Ports Given authority by each state.
  25. Str8Shot

    This is Goat Hunting !

    Mother Nature can be so Brutal yet so Amazing at the same time !