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    Arizona Outfitter Missing

    Concealed carry! + 1 on the CC ... Dead Scum is the best kind of Scum
  2. Str8Shot

    Arizona Outfitter Missing

    It is good to hear of his safe return . . . At the same time really messed up about the circumstances... any idea on why it took so long? was leaving him unconscious actually the intent of the Scum or did he get lucky ?
  3. Str8Shot

    Congressman Joe Wilson

    Look the Simple Truth is that no matter how it is worded in the BILL.... Our President ( A Lawyer) Knows that the Constitution will override the US citizen only part of the bill.... To deny an Illegal Alien health care under a public plan is unconstitutional and would spend no time in the supreme court being overturned allowing for the the masses of illegals to get covered .... I think he likes painting these verbal illusions and in the end will tell the Voters I made it this way but I have no control over the constitution and supreme court decision.... Just like the shell games this administration is playing with the economy and using x dollars from the right pocket to feed the empty poket on the left ... It will all catch up and it is just a matter of time before every program from stimulus to cash for clunkers to health care all show the real price tag we are paying .... It will not be long from now we all will be enlightened by how much of our own debt we are buying back under the pretence from the President that we would not do so ..... Printing More money to consume our own debt through a third party so that it seems legit and hidden is going to have a much longer and larger impact on our dollar making it worth less and less for a much longer time than Obama will be in office....
  4. Str8Shot

    2009 unit 1 archery elk

    Very Nice Bull !!!! love that mass
  5. Str8Shot


    Ok been a couple years but in Unit 32 I can give you some areas you may want to check on your scouting trips ... Private Property and limited access can be a pain but if you do your homework and are willing to get off the beaten path you will find em... Going down river road aong the San Pedro one of the fisrt places that you may try is the copper canyon area (roads are very rough in many spots and wash out often due to weather) unfortunately as you make the loop way back (already in deer country ) you will probably run into some locked gates.... from there try any side roads or hiking and lots of glassing they are there watching you.... Now about the gates .... I have not been up since the Mercers brought in the mining operation so I don't know what if any changes have been made but they were allowing 25 tagged hunters(2 years ago it was 25$ a head for the entire hunt G&F HAs the Number) through the gates with access to alot of great wilderness if you want to again hike ... good area for base camp and cold camps out in the mountains heading back in towards Cake mountain north-east through the range is kolondike and Arivaipa Canyon can not tell you how the access is through the Arivaipa side but I am sure the local G&F office can (in was completely washed out and closed to all access a couple years ago) Now if you keep going south on River road past the mercers you head east on Tom Rhodes Ranch rode and take it back all the way til you get to the wilderness areas There are good quad rodes heading North off the road taking you from the south east side of sombrarro butte all the way up towards the area accessed through the mercers private property if you continue east on TR ranch rode you will come to private property that allows access Must sign in at gate and once the rode ends it is By Hoof or Foot only good country though... I have spent some time in the winchesters and have spotted Coues in small pockets there but far less than the numbers of Mule Deer the big issue with the west side of the winchesters is much more limited access ... couple years ago lots of locked gates but if you use your maps and look for the power lines going over the mountains there will be roads that are worth taking just keep your eyes on the tight deep drainages as the roads switch back they like to hide right under your nose sometimes you will also find some good glassing spots can be found .... Won't give any GPS data but Hope this helps there is more than enough land out there to help a fellow hunter and in in 32 your are still going to have to put in the hours and scouting trips P.S. the water table makes for some very good spring locations in lots of remote areas ... get your maps out and look for them Hope this helps !!!! Chris
  6. Str8Shot

    rifle stock help

    Look up Harry Lawson in tucson .... awesome stocks ... I think these days it is his son running the business though at least that is what I read somewhere
  7. Str8Shot

    What's Up With The Signs

    Sounds like down in unit 32.... All my years in az I have seen it from time to time and I think it comes down to who maintains the fence line (not 100 percent on that but just a guess) but I do know it is not new and if anything it may be more of an old practice I am sure game and fish will let you know
  8. Str8Shot


    Glad to hear he was able to take care of you .....
  9. Str8Shot

    Ground blinds and photo radar

    I hear ya there...... Can't lose em if your not using em ..... And as far as the signs on photo radar that is based on entraptment laws and it being illeagle to do so, and we stilll have the constitutionality of photo radars and I don't think yet to date one was able to take the stand and answer questions from the accused ones counsel ... So is the next logical step to attach the photo radar to a missle launcher and shoot down the unknowing like and archer from a treestand??????
  10. Str8Shot

    Quick Trip to Powell

    Nothing like catching the bronze backs .... And As always awesome pics .... Thx for sharing
  11. Str8Shot


    I have Also herd lots of good feeedback from a Guy in AJ that runs Broken Arrow Archery .... I have not used him but have known many hunters who have and speak very well of him .... He may be able to help and is worth a try (480) 983-8683 2553 W Cactus Wren St Apache Junction, AZ 85220
  12. Str8Shot


    Did you try contacting Archery Headquarters in chandler ... Here is the link if you need the info ....http://www.archeryhq.com/
  13. Great Buck !!! and great Story
  14. Str8Shot

    2009 arizona dream buck (133 P&Y inches)

    AWESOME BUCK !!!!!
  15. Str8Shot

    Totally Bummed

    Very Nice Kill.... glad to see it all paid off ... were you able to take him close to your original spot?
  16. Str8Shot

    unit 32 antelope pics

    Nice .... Not easy to see those guys out there .... Allen Flats Area?
  17. Str8Shot

    Nocturnal Buck

    Maybe the fact that the moon was nil for the weekend had him more active at night ...
  18. Str8Shot

    Unit (you wish ) Carp

    Unit You wish ... lol must be the strip .... Nice buck period ... only carp I know of live in the water
  19. Str8Shot

    Old Movie

    Yes indeed Southern Comfort!!!!
  20. No Spots in the the past would have ment 3 dead Cat's
  21. Str8Shot


    Way to go on the kill.... definetly a wall hanger there
  22. Str8Shot

    Wes's 2009 Buck

    Awesome buck.... way to make your hunt Short and SWEEEEEET !
  23. Str8Shot

    Totally Bummed

    Well I think you did a very ethical thing ... but it is not first blind up first serve it is first to the spot opening morning.... with that being said if your cams were set up where you could see the ingress and egress to the hole then finding a good spot above the hole 100 or 200 yards and hopefully intercept the one you had your eyes on ... think it is a better option than not hunting close to the area you scouted ...
  24. 3 cats x 52 weeks a year 's 156 deer ... Really awesome pics and it is a shame that it is not still year round state wide like two years ago ... And remember unless he was in a untit with multiple bag limits it is ONE lion a year ... I think with the lion populations that are out there and the 1 lion a year that they should just give everyone buying a hunting lic. a tag ... maybe then we could thin down the number of predetors on our big game and help these herds rebound maybe giving them the opportunity to make more tags availble on the hunts that really bring in the revenue ... Just my crazy thinking Chris
  25. Str8Shot

    Who's packed & ready?

    Ready to go, and heading to the hills in about 6 hours.... Should be in place at least 30 mins before the first crack of light... Good luck ALL!!!