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    ****NOT MY HERO****

    I understand Sarcasm can do that .... But the point was to poke fun at the drama here from something that no one here has control over... it is said and done and personal attacks calling people douche bag will not change that ... I am not going to tell the whole world certain spots I fish or hunt but if and when the word gets out there I am not going to get upset by it ...like it or not once it is done it is done .... like I said I will just adapt to it and that does not mean always having to find another spot ... As far as fishing there is a time and place for finess fishing no doubt.... I have no problems drop shotting a robo worm and when it comes to plastics it is my prefrence... but where I fish rosey and when I prefer to fish the three baits I listed will produce plenty of overs and to me nothing compares to a 5 + lb bass hitting a zara spook in 12" 's of water .... But like I said every day is diffrent So you have to Adapt .... Sorry the sarcasm pissed you off .... Chris
  2. Str8Shot

    ****NOT MY HERO****

    Ultramag you seem to like pissing matches, where you the kid in school who told all the other kids my daddy can beat up yours???? You also assume alot when it comes to fishing to think that three baits that cover the surface to 10' deep are only catching slot fish. you forget so many other elements of the game like time, weather, and location..... but if catching 30 plus Bass in half a day of fishing with just as many overs in the boat as in the slot or unders is what anyone can do then you are delusional..... I don't worry about guys like you on the lake cause it is not aout anyone else but me.... just like out in the field I don't care about the other guy to much .... I may not be happy coming across someone where I wanted to be set up to hunt but if it happens adapt and find a way .... Why are you so worried I doubt you would be upset if a pair of hunters pushing the terrain ridged over 135" buck right into your lap.... I just think attacking an individual for something he may have regretted right after he let it out is wrong .... you want to be pissed be pissed at the magazine and the editor .... It has happened now just deal with it ..... Adapt or Die
  3. Str8Shot

    ****NOT MY HERO****

    Hey you guys !!!! I seen a huge coues in velvet .... early this am coming home from Rosey... I don't have the exact gps cordinates but he was headed north at about 7 mile per hour( a few seconds pause from the lights hitting him) crossing about 100 yards west of TOP OF THE WORLD... three other bachelors where a lil further out from him and he made them look like does.... Oh and by the way if you see me at the lake slaying the fish I will tell you exactly what I am using (70 percent of the time it will be a shallow running shad pattern yozuri hard core or mid runner hard core or zara spook) .... I am not worried about getting out fished why are you guys so worried about being out hunted "ADAPT OR DIE" HAVE A GREAT DAY
  4. Str8Shot


    Never had much of a trouble finding them.... For me the issue has come down to paying the price point they have been hitting ... most places have been $16 - $22 a dozen and that is a lot of plastics... Spring Fishing with dawgs when those big females are moving up onto beds leads to lunkers but for me as it gets later on going into summer I prefer using plastics tend to be able to cover more water in targeting where those bad boys are hiding... If you know where you can get them for less than a buck a piece it would be great to know ....
  5. Str8Shot

    Videos of coues bucks on game cam

    Ram ... That is what A 311 IS and that is where the groups name came from... SO yes you are right
  6. Str8Shot

    good friends and good fishing

    Sounded like a great trip ... Seen the pictures of the grouper over the past weekend down at that place the old timers all like to hang out and brag.... Makes the San Carlos Crappies look like guppies ....
  7. Str8Shot

    Videos of coues bucks on game cam

    Are you Guilty of a 311 ????? Don't be going after your wildlife or others wearing just a trench coat .... and no streaking through the NRA convention this weekend....
  8. Str8Shot

    WTB 204 Ruger Loading Components

    Hey I know someone who may have a full set of brand new dies that he will let go since the friend who he bought him for ended up getting his own and he decided to be to lazy to take them back.... As far as brass New .204 brass has been available off and on at local retailers they seem to be getting regular shipments and to be honest I would recommend new over resizing just because what you come across with some of the loads you may end up using ( very compressed ) ... SMall rifle Primer's have been the issue we have faced reloading over the last couple months nil none zilch and no ETA from anyone been trying to find the Fed 205m but hope that what I have left in the winchester small rifle will last ( no issues using the winchester primers) powder took a while but finally found what I was looking for you may want to try some of the smaller out of town gunsmiths and shops LIke in the whitemountain area .... PM me on the dies if you want me to chack and I will talk to my pops..... and get you the price Chris
  9. Str8Shot

    What is it?

    The 1st and second pics are of the same animal (first pic is the rump and tail at almost a straight shot to camera) The Size of the feet and legs would make me think Wolf the only issue is color ... The Mexican wolf is not known to be all black or white but then again mother nature always seems to make eceptions.... If the cam is in an area with known mexican wolf activity this may be the case... If not a big wild black dog may be the culprit .... but never count out the CUPUCABRA
  10. Thx ... looks like it was the 07 hunt and just must be all the talk up there cause the ruling just came this december.... 5 years no hunting in any of the 32 states including his home state .... guy probably wished he never spent the 135 thousand....
  11. Well Since you are talking about the Auctioned tag ... does anybody have any insight to whats going on with the guy that got it ... there are several articles in White mountain papers talking about him losing his Bull and hunting privledges to Game and Fish after stalking His wounded Elk a lil to close to some homes up in Pinetop lakeside area .... Where ,with the Bull Laying one more Bullet was put in him to ease the suffering and Game and fish was close enough to hear the shot and respond... From what I have heard is that it was already wounded traked with the help of a hired guide service and put down and now the legal process has begun... Just wondering if anyone has any more insight
  12. It is amazing how many things you can find on these hunts ... I Have found a couple knives ... cheap weathered binos... and other small things ... and think of how bad it must suck to lose something little like that I could not imagine losing one of my guns.. Hope it was actually lost and not discarded... cause from what I heard a couple hunters I believe it was in 3c last week found something too... A DECOMPOSING HUMAN CORPSE Keep up the Good Keep Karma on your side
  13. Str8Shot

    Bucks chasing does???

    Well those bucks in 36b May have found themselves a stashed bail of herb and tore it up... sounded a lil like they had the munchies
  14. Just realized it today looking back through the spring 09 regs that they talk about the off road vehicle laws that will be going into effect... They will not apply to Trucks, Jeeps and SUV's as for the rest Quads. Rangers Rails ext.. there will be an annual permit ( fee has not been determined yet ... ) So I guess we work with what we got ... nothing wrong with legs and horseback...
  15. I personally have not heard of this law and would like to see the actual full details of how it is expressed... As far as forest service roads go..... in the state of Arizona All marked forest Service roads are Maintained ( or at least they say certain taxes and revenues are paying for that purpose) unless expressly noted and posted at corridor entry... But until I get a ticket I don't see myself not using roads that I have used all my life... and then I will have to just play dumb.... Personally I think that for residents born of this state more needs to be done to protect our rights to access and use the lands our fathers and grandfathers tought us so well to use and respect ... This is not just about our lands to hunt but also the lakes in which we fish ... A few of us talking and it is only Talk and complaining.... All of us together strong THAT IS A STATEMENT.... all States including my home Arizona Need the revenue that Anglers and Hunters create and it is getting old being taken advatage of ....
  16. Str8Shot

    Family Strengths

    Very Cool Idea. First off I am a newbie here, but an Arizona Native Born and Raised! I have worked in the Electronics industry my whole life from sales to management. I currently do Marketing and Retail Support for one of the worlds largest Electronics companies (they invented the Walkman). SO if you have any tech questions from Audio Video (including installs) to computers let me Know!
  17. Str8Shot

    Sol Good

    First things First, GREAT SITE!!! I am a new member to the Forum, but been checking it out for the last year. Sol Good