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    RRA Elite Operator 2 - AR15 sold

    Reply sent via pm.
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    Minox BD 10x42 BR

    Price lowered.. .300.00
  3. chrismp51

    Minox BD 10x42 BR

    Minox BD 10x42 BR's with box, warranty card, and bino strap. Binos have been used, but taken care of. There are not any scratches on the lenses and they work perfectly. 350.00 OBO
  4. chrismp51

    Minox BD 10x42 BR

    Still available, make an offer.
  5. chrismp51

    Minaska Big Country - sold

    Price reduced
  6. chrismp51

    Minaska Big Country - sold

    Deer, birds, and rabbits will love you....Predators will fear you. Custom Minaska Big Country Bandit electronic predator caller. This caller comes with 100 sounds and a wireless remote. It is very loud, and has called in a massive number of predators. I have integrated a mojo decoy into the caller, making this caller irresistible to sound wary animals. Perfect caller for a beginner, or a seasoned caller who sells their furs at auction. 300 Video: http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa147/Chrismp51/2012/?action=view&current=20120111105647.mp4
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    Video Edit Programs...

    Does it work with .mts files?
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    Big Tex Trailer 5'x8'

    Updated, new price 1100.00 OBO.
  9. chrismp51

    Big Tex Trailer 5'x8'

    This trailer is in excellent condition and is perfect for a quad. Has a ramp for easy loading and unloading of quad, wood floors, spare tire, permanent registration, and also includes a trailer mover. The quad has been sold. Asking price for the trailer is 1100.00 OBO.
  10. chrismp51

    Big Tex Trailer 5'x8'

    Wow, you must have really been feeling the need to post something. Congrats on getting the math correct, excellent work! OK, so, appologies for all of the confusion. I believe that the quad is SPF. He does not want to sell the trailer until he is sure that the quad is gone (hope I will know tomorrow). With that said, he said that he wants 1500 for the trailer. I didnt price the trailer so make an offer, maybe he will take it.
  11. chrismp51

    Big Tex Trailer 5'x8'

    I think he is looking for about 1800 for the quad and accessories. Make an offer though and I will pass it on to him.
  12. chrismp51

    Big Tex Trailer 5'x8'

    I am selling this for an elderly neighbor. I just spoke with him and the trailer bed is 5x8, but he does not wish to sell separately. Without the trailer he will not have any way of moving the quad. If someone wants to buy the quad only he will consider that.
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    Predator decoy

    I have used a lot of decoys with mixed results. The decoy in the first pic is one that a buddy made for me. It is a stuffed animal that was emptied out and then a motor from a santa hat placed inside. It is wired so that it plugs into my caller and can be controlled with the remote. This has been my most productive decoy. The cat in the pic came in at a full sprint as soon as he saw the movement. The second pic is a Mojo decoy that I fabbed to go into my caller. This one has mixed results and sometimes I think that it may actually scare some of the animals. I have also used many bird and woodpecker decoys as well. Good Luck.
  15. chrismp51

    Fur Handling after the kill

    Here is a link to their website: http://www.azpredatorcallers.com/
  16. chrismp51

    Fur Handling after the kill

    Have you ever thought about joining one of the predator hunting clubs? The Arizona Predator Callers meet in Mesa once per month and they usually have a few demonstrations throughout the year.
  17. chrismp51

    Scope Choice

    I am a huge fan of Zeiss and own a couple of them. Make sure you take a good look at the reticles and make sure you like them. I bought one with the Rapid Z 800 reticle and am not a fan of it at all. The glass is great and it is great for hunting big game, but if you want to use the scope for target shooting as well, that reticle is way too thick.
  18. chrismp51

    suicide by bear

    Too bad they caught him.
  19. chrismp51

    Caging Bobcats

    Nice! I am glad that one of us was able to put their trapping license to use! Have you had anyone mess with any of your sets?
  20. chrismp51

    Rainy Day Dog

    Went out today for a total of 4 stands. First stand was blank. Second stand was the yote. Third stand called in a fox, but had to switch to left handed to make a shot around a tree and missed. Fourth we were getting soaked so we wrapped it up.
  21. chrismp51

    2 more dogs

    I have went through almost all weights in the v-max line up in .223. All I can say is that I had a two perfect hits in a row with a 60 grain. Small entrance and small exit. I then loaded over 500 rounds of the 60 grain, which I have now shot a lot of critters with. All I can say is that I am going to go back and try some spire points. The V-max puts huge holes in pelts. Wish I wouldnt have loaded so many.
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    Went out to one of my normally great fox spots.. After 3 blank stands, this guy showed up. He came in like a stalking cat. He was on his belly crossing a small wash, pretty cool to watch.
  23. chrismp51

    Fox hat trick!

    Nice! The one on the right looks way bigger than the others.