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    The caller is a Minaska Big Country. I have two Minaska's and sold my Foxpro...
  2. Well done! Looks like you have another great spot to add to your list. That cat looks very nice, it has a ton of character. Did you happen to weigh it, looks big in the pics..
  3. chrismp51

    Grey Days

    I was using one of my favorite Minaska sounds.. Madl lips....
  4. chrismp51

    Grey Days

    Looks like the greys are getting hammered this year! Here are a couple more to add to the list. This stand was a triple, but the third one didnt go down after the shot.
  5. chrismp51

    Sworo 8x30 - $300

    I called as soon as I saw this. He did sell them for 300.00 a few seconds after the posting.
  6. chrismp51

    Grey Days

    I seem to always take pictures off of my tailgate. The blood pools up and falls down onto my plate when I close it up! Be carefull all.. So far I have had a couple of wide eyed snowbirders and one officer notice!
  7. chrismp51

    1 fox 1 dog

    Sally Ballz!! way to get it done buddy! Lets get out soon!
  8. chrismp51

    Beginner trapper

    Check out the cages built by Bob Small. I don't think that it is "cheap" to get into trapping, but a couple of bobcats and you can recoup your investment very quickly. He is local and has tons of knowledge and expertise. http://www.briarpatchcages.com/
  9. chrismp51

    5 fox and 1 bobcat

    Good job guys. It was way too hot yesterday to be out calling. You must have an illness.
  10. chrismp51

    My wifes 3rd shotgun yote

    Good job! What elevation were you at? It looks like the fur is starting to come in!!!
  11. chrismp51

    Spot light

    Not entirely true Mangey. Raccoon may be taken at night with the aid of artificial light; however the light may not be attached to or operated from a vehicle.
  12. chrismp51

    New Grey Fox Mount

    Is that the garage conversion? It looks great.
  13. chrismp51

    New Grey Fox Mount

    Surprised you could find anymore wall space. They look great, the fox has some cool color.
  14. chrismp51

    New Phone

    Check out the milspec Casio Rock through Verizon.. It is water, drop, and dust resistant. It has some cool features like a digital compass, flashlight, pedometer, moon phase thing, sunrise and sunset thing,etc. So far I really like mine.
  15. chrismp51

    Couple of recent critters

    When I saw the headline I thought for sure that Josh had gotten bored with shooting bobcats and needed a new challenge... So Josh, how much longer before the hand to paw combat? http://www.kpho.com/news/21987813/detail.html
  16. chrismp51

    Havalon Knives - Check these out!

    I have had one of thes knives for a couple of years now. They are great. You can also get different blades, round nose or pointed. The round nose is great for skinning. The only bad thing about them is changing the blade, at first. Once you get used to it, its not bad.
  17. chrismp51

    google earth

    Has anyone ever tried this? http://www.kmlers.com/GPSlandboundarymaps.html
  18. chrismp51


    I have been thinking about one of these too. From the Kenton site you just loosen the set screw to take off the factory knob and replace it with their turret. Check out their FAQ section it shows what scopes they have been used on. Once I get a load developed for my .243 I think I am going to try them out.
  19. After reading the hearing protection post, I was wondering if anyone has tried the CR replacement for the BOSS system on a Browning? Does it make a difference? Did it effect accuracy?
  20. chrismp51

    Hearing Protection

    While on my hunt this year I forgot my plugs in the truck. I was shooting a 7mm rem mag with a break. My left ear is still ringing after two weeks. I will never forget them again.
  21. chrismp51

    TLO BULLS from the last couple of months.

    Awesome pics! That bobcat is awesome and with a bow... WOW.. great job.
  22. chrismp51

    First Bobcat Of The Year

    Way to go Josh. Looks like she has a nice coat. Were you using the guage?
  23. chrismp51


    After having 2 previous unfilled tags, I got this one on the second day of the hunt. After switching between the 15's and the rifle scope I got confused and shot the smaller of the two glassed! Oh well, I guess that there will be a bigger coues left for next year! Big thanks to Josh for all of the help, especially his back!
  24. chrismp51

    Eberlestock J107 vs J104

    I chose the 107 because it has more adjustment options. If you are taller I would consider the 107.
  25. chrismp51

    My dry spell finally ended!

    That is a great deer and a great shot! Congrats!