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    swarovski 15x56..need help with tripod

    They are expensive, but I really like my outdoorsmans. I would suggest stopping by their store before making your decision. They have all types of tripods and heads and will let you try them all out. http://shop.outdoorsmans.com/category.sc?categoryId=3
  2. chrismp51

    Sick of it.

    Well I was sick of waiting for it to cool off to go out calling. I called my buddy Stacy and hit the road this morning. First stand: about 8 minutes into the calling 4 fox and 1 coyote come into the stand at the same time. I got off two shots nailing two fox, but only recovered one. Second stand: after the third sound change and about 12 minutes this female yote shows up. Hit her at about 60 yards. Stacy was on shotgun duty, he got off a shot but it was too far. Made a total of 5 stands, the other three were dry. Dove hunters were out and about big time so we came home a little early.
  3. chrismp51

    Sick of it.

    We actually got lucky today. The wind was perfect and the sun was directly behind us. Nothing could see or smell us. I am most cautious about the wind and usually set up my stands based on how its blowing. Also, its all about persistance. Last year Josh and I called one day from sun up to sun down and only got one fox, on the second to last stand. As far as the AR, I don't know much about building them. It's a factory bushmaster. I do really like the Zeiss though, I thought it was much brighter than all other scopes in the same price range.
  4. I know it sucks.. I was looking forward to hunting that unit too!
  5. I was sent this in an email.. though I would share.. http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/wildlife/be...ory/897940.html
  6. chrismp51

    Blueberry Eater Down

    Great story and pics Josh.. One of these years I will get up there!!
  7. chrismp51

    19A prescribed fire

    Perfect timing for all of the archery hunters.. http://www.kpho.com/news/20890836/detail.html
  8. chrismp51

    My son 1 coati 0

    Sounds like he is off to a great start. I have wanted one for years, no opportunities yet. Congrats to the boy!
  9. chrismp51

    First bobcat with a bow!

    That is an accomplishment. Great shooting!
  10. chrismp51

    mtn lion

    There was a pretty interesting pod cast on calling lions last week. It is worth a listen: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkC...4247&cmd=tc
  11. Wow! How long did they hang out for? Did they ever notice you guys?
  12. chrismp51

    my kids dog tried to shoot me

    That is great, reminds me of my "weird dog" incident: We had an old chocolate lab when I was a kid. One day my mom started yelling at me and my brother to go out and see what is wrong with the dog. We go outside and this dog is dragging his butt across the grass, completely freaking out, back and forth. After watching and laughing at the dog freak out for 10-15 minutes, I grabbed the dog and tell my brother to take a look 'back there'. He notices something that doesn't look right... grabs it, and with some effort yards out an entire bread bag...I cant remember the last time I laughed so hard, hilarious..
  13. chrismp51

    Reloader Info

    I have the Dillon 550 and really like it. I have had it for about 12 years and have probably loaded around 50K rounds. I dont have any experiance with any other type of progressives, but would imagine they are all pretty good. The thing I like best about Dillon is that they are here in town. There have been two or three occasions that I have had a problem with something and was able to have it replaced in the same day.
  14. chrismp51

    Coyote Triple

    Well done! I have called in three at a time before but havent ever had the chance to shoot at more than 1. Great job with the bolt action!
  15. try the tech support 1-800-223-8799
  16. chrismp51


    The Swift Scirocco and Bergers are great choices for hunting as well as accuracy.
  17. chrismp51

    Ballistic Software

    Hornady has several calculators also http://www.hornady.com/ballistics/
  18. chrismp51

    Bobcat mount

    That turned out great! After thinking about all of the cats you have killed, I cant give up the first of the season for a paint job! How was the progress on the snake?
  19. chrismp51

    Camo job on my AR-15

    Looks good Josh! What kind of paint did you use?
  20. chrismp51

    LukeDuke gets his 1st

    Nice! sounds like he made a great shot. The pride in his face is awesome!
  21. chrismp51

    Rifle Ammo

    Just wondering if any of you load rifle ammo on a progressive press? I normally load all rifle ammo on a single stage, but for the AR wanted something a little faster.
  22. chrismp51

    Rifle Ammo

    I was concerned with the case preperation, so I set the 550 up for powder and bullet seating. I am depriming, sizing on the sigle stage, it goes pretty quck that way. I was really surprised how accurate the dillon is with the powder.
  23. chrismp51

    Graduation gift

    Nice! I had the same problem and bought the rail extention by GG&G, works great.
  24. chrismp51

    New Bailout Plan

    Kinda funny, it sure sounds good but nobody bothers to do the math on this. 40 million x 1 million = 40 trillion. Thats even more printing than Obama has in mind..