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  1. Be as quiet as possible on your way into the stand (dont slam your truck door), keep the wind in your face, don't move during the stand. I have seen a lot of people swing their head side to side looking for animals during the stand. I try to keep my head still, watching in the direction that I feel is the likeliest for an animal to approach. When I do turn my head to have a look around, I move very slowly. I actually stand up on most of my stands now, I can see much better. I stand or sit inside a tree and try to have the sun at my back, but wind is the key factor for stand location. Washes and thick vegetation seem to give best results for me. When I am by myself I usually call something in 2 or 3 times per 5 stands. When I am with someone it drops to about 1 out of every 5 or 6 stands. Stands at first light seem to be best. Also, if you plan on keeping any fur the 22-250 will destroy the pelt. My experience with the vmax is that it leaves huge holes and is not fur friendly at all.

  2. For rifle I would stick to a singlestage, I use a forster single stage. Consistency equals accuracy, progressive presses are great, but aren't nearly as consistent. All of my handgun ammo, with exception of .223, I load on a 550. Even though I use my dillon to load .223 I still do several steps on a single stage first, like sizing, trimming, chamfer, and debur. Then I use the dillon to prime, drop powder, seat a bullet and crimp. Of course you can use a progressive for everything, but it does start to become a pain with rifle as you will need to trim the brass after sizing.

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