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  1. HunterX

    KUIU 3200 Pack Only

    Do you have any pictures of the pack?
  2. HunterX

    Vortex Viper Red dot sight.

    I'll take it
  3. HunterX

    Vortex Viper 6-24 x 50 - Brand New-$450

    What part of Tucson?
  4. HunterX

    Vortex Viper 6-24 x 50 - Brand New-$450

    Where you located?
  5. HunterX


    Let's see some pics please.
  6. HunterX

    Small roofing job in Tucson

    Pm sent
  7. HunterX


    Is this still available? I'm interested.
  8. HunterX

    Sig tango 4 1-4

    Where you located?
  9. What part of Tucson you located?
  10. HunterX


    PM sent
  11. HunterX

    Hide tanning

    Anyone know where one could take a cow hide to get tanned in south eastern Arizona?
  12. HunterX

    Hide tanning

    Sent you a PM lance
  13. HunterX

    Hide tanning

    I appreciate the help guys
  14. HunterX

    WTB angus calf

    Your nearest stock yard, if you can get someone there to buy for you Prices are low right now.
  15. HunterX

    Rope saddle

    Will you ship?
  16. HunterX


  17. HunterX

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    Are these hds?
  18. HunterX

    Rtic 65

    Any pictures ?
  19. HunterX


    What brand of bumpers did you put on your truck
  20. HunterX

    2018 Diamond C 20’ Flatbed price drop!

    What size axles?
  21. HunterX

    Looking for a female Golden retriever puppy

    Chiricaua retrievers is a good place my buddy got a male lab from them and hes a great dog.
  22. HunterX

    GSP, Weim, and Britts

    So am i she looks like a great dog
  23. HunterX

    GSP's for sale

    Awesome dogs can you post pics of parents