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  1. 1 hour ago, lancetkenyon said:

    Bare rifle weight?

    Trigger?  Pull weight?

    ADL or BDL?

    Barrel contour, twist rate, length?

    Bedded stock?

    Trued action?

    Who did the work?

    How does it shoot?

    Load info?  Bullet?  Speed?

    Dies to go with it?

    Rifle weight is about 7lbs. (Haven’t weighed it)

    The trigger is a stock trigger but has been adjusted to 2lbs

    It is the ADL model

    Remington contour barrel, 1in8, 24”

    Bedded recoil lug.

    Action was trued to the barrel and lugs were lapped. 

    It shoots honestly about .75 moa consistently. Best group ever was 5shots in .35 moa 

    Best load was 39 grains of AA4350 on top of a 143 eld-x with fed 210 primers seated .02 off the lands.


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  2. Great rifle, has 300 rounds through it. Comes with full die set and brass. Rifle has a bell and Carlson mountain stock, PTG bolt and Shaw barrel. It has cerakoted burnt bronze, with black bolt. Comes with Talley 30mm 1 piece rings/bases and a vortex hs-lr 4-16x44 looking for $1800. The only reason for the sell is I want 12x50 el’s and have plenty of guns. 

    Located in Tucson. 



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