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  1. I drove around there two weeks ago and found a big area that had junipers. It was pretty think too. I walked around in that area and saw droppings but they were old and dry. Two weeks ago, the temperature was kind of warm so maybe they were up high in the mountains. I will be there again this Saturday. I want to hike the mountains to sew if I find any traces there. 

  2. Hello, 

    I am new to elk hunts. I have done it once in unit 10 and could not find anything. I am trying to do as much research online as possible. This years, I have unit 8 which is south of Unit 10 and I am going for cow. Some questions I have are, Can cow elk be down in by calls? I have a bugle that I bought online and I also have a call called Baby Hoochie Mama. Any success stories with these types of calls for cow. 

    Also, two weekends ago, I drove up to Williams and drove around the area to do some scouting. I did not see any Elk. I saw some droppings from Elk but they were dry and old. I saw several deer but I was not going for them. I have researched that Elk do not like snow and will go down to lower grounds if there is snow in the mountains. So, I am hoping there will be snow up there when I go in Dec. One other questions, I have quads that I wanted to take up there during the hunt, I never see anything or hear of anyone using quads while hunting. Do you recommend them or should I stick to the hike?