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    Turkey ammo questions?

    I shoot a 3.5 full choked pump gun and would not shoot anything less than #4’s. I tried 5’s for a few years and had two bad experiences. Switched back to 4’s and haven’t had a problem since. You will thank the extra knockdown power when your tom hangs up at 50 yards and won’t come a step further. One thing that I think is important is to pattern your gun to know how to compensate your aim. Example, if you pattern high, aim a little lower to compensate. Once shells become more available, you can find the one that patterns best with your gun. Winchester seems to be my guns favorite
  2. Azelkreaper

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    Can anyone confirm if they actually refunded for 2020 turkey? We are out $1000 bucks and were told every time we called no refunds.