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    Arizona Unit 20b Youth hunt

    Keep up the good work. Remember, a hunt isn't defined by what you did or didn't shoot, it's all about the experiences, bonding with your son is a successful hunt. LOVE the fact that you got out and walked. We had a youth hunt last weekend and it made me sick seeing so many youth sitting in the back of a utv driving roads. Getting out and walking and glassing is the way to do it.
  2. Riesop

    Late Elk Rut

    Believe it or not the rut is supposedly triggered by the amount of sunlight in the day, that's what starts the estrus cycle in a cow elk. So if that's true then the rut should start around the same time every year no matter the temperature. Like another one posted, I think when it's hot they just do all their rutting at night so it makes it seem like they aren't rutting when we go out during the day.
  3. Riesop

    Youth cow elk success!

    Gotta love those youth hunts. Both my kids 14 and 11 tagged out by Saturday with their first elk. They both put in eight to ten miles walking but got to see a lot of cool country without roads and other hunters. Great hunt!