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  1. I know this doesnt apply to this situation but I had a question.  I found a dead bull the other day out hiking and know it needs to be reported so I called game and fish to report it.  They said if it died naturally that I could keep it but if they determine it was an arrow or a bullet, they keep it.  Unfortunately they found an arrow and said they would keep the head.  What do they do with it is my question?  It was clearly old, no meat, and all the way to the bones on the skull. 

  2. Man, we were in 1 this weekend and they were going crazy.  I called in a 6x6 while in camp with a cup of coffee in my hand and frying bacon in the other and the wind was at my back.  If you can't tag out on that hunt I don't know if you ever will 😄

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  3. I have a question.  The last eight or so years I have been applying for the rifle mule deer hunt in 27 in December.  Well, that hunt is no longer available so here's my question.  I have 11 bonus points for deer but want to use them on a pretty good hunt.  What are your recommendations?

  4. I don't think this has anything to do with other people's opinions.  This may sound very silly but as our society advances and technology advances we absolutely are gaining an upper hand on these animals.  If we want fair chase then the animals we are hunting should be able to advance in technology and put out cameras to spy on us as well right?  Yep, sounds silly.  As far as I know you can still use cameras up to a certain time to see the animals in your area and enjoy that, just not during season.  If we keep advancing and technology helps us take more and more animals you'll see more and more seasons taken away like we're seeing right now to keep populations at a decent level.

  5. Nonresidents were never an issue where I hunted either until last year.  It's only a matter of time and it'll be an issue everywhere.  I know it's a money thing and nonresidents bring in more money but I'd be willing to pay a little more for a hunt that is just for residents, heck, we're the ones paying taxes in the state.  It would just be nice to have ONE hunt to ourselves.

  6. This is probably a really stupid question.  I'm used to camping at San Carlos but am thinking of going to Roosevelt in March.  My question is what do I need as far as permits for boating and camping?  I just don't want to go and ruin my trip by not having the correct permits.  Also, should I camp on the salt end or the Tonto end in March?  Thanks for the help.