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  1. 2 hours ago, kwet239 said:

    Congrats and welcome! Do you have a budget in mind? Text me if you would like some pics of anything... 432-312-6545

    Ive got a couple of options

    Ive got a Vortex viper pst gen2 FFP mrad 5-25x50 very clean condition. This is the best scope you can buy for the money. I have 4 of them and love them. Would sale for $750. I’ve had the SFP Vortex you listed and the gen 2 is way better in every way. You want adjustable turrets. 

    I also have a cheaper option for scope. 
    Baraska 6-24x60IR SFP. Cosmetically it has a few scratches. Would sale for $250

    For Binos I have a set of set of Maven B5 18x56, $1k, this Might be a little more than what you need??

    I have a spare ranger finder it’s a Sig 1250 6x20mm $150 

    Thank you for the reply, I am looking to spend around $500 or so on a scope. I should have included that in the ad. My apologies. Both sound like great scopes! Unfortunately, I have only used SFP since I grew up on shotgun/muzzleloader hunting in the midwest. So an FFP scope is a bit intimidating to me due to my lack of experience. I have also never used an MRAD scope. 

  2.   Hey everyone, my name is Mike. I am a new hunter here in Arizona. A member recommended that I joined this forum!

      I am going on my first Elk hunt this year and would like to find a nice scope for my Bergara. I wanted to see if anyone had a scope for sale before I went to a retailer. I am looking for something similar to a SFP Vortex Viper 6-24x50. Also looking for bino’s and a range finder. Any help is appreciated! (602) 999-3180.