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    A few to share

    I was gonna be real smart on my last set......I was pretty sure someone was coming in and deleting pictures from my SD cards and man I was thankful that all they did. So I tied a camera to a log, surrounded it with some sticks and limbs and angled it up at my other cam that was on a tree! When I came back a month later to check my camera it was covered with pine needles and I had 9999 pictures of the sky, trees blowing in the wind and.......pine needles!!!! Haha, the joys of trail cams! On set ups like this I tape over all but a little sliver of the sensor. Works great.
  2. cramerhunts

    Archery NM Barbary Sheep

    After hunting these awesome critters multiple times I know exactly what an amazing accomplishment you did by filling your tag with archery equipment spot and stalk. As usual great write up as I felt every up and down. Congratulations!
  3. cramerhunts

    Desert Bighorn

    Sheep are just awesome creatures! Great job on the euro as well.
  4. cramerhunts

    First archery elk

    Sweet! Congratulations on what looks like a great time and nice bull! Enjoyed the video!
  5. cramerhunts

    Unit 27 stud bull!

    Congratulations on a big beautiful bull! Love those dark antlers.
  6. cramerhunts

    Early Rifle Success

    Way to go Christian! Congratulations again on a dandy bull and awesome pictures. I was pumped for you when I got the text saying bull down! Awesome having such a great group of guys out to help and share in the hunt.
  7. cramerhunts

    2017 elk videos and pics

    Great stuff, I really like the frame on the wide bull and thanks for the bonus, what a gorgeous buck.
  8. cramerhunts

    WY leftovers

    Nice going, congratulations!
  9. cramerhunts

    Another Proud Dad Moment

    Now that just made my day. Super awesome and what a great thing for anyone, let alone a young lady to set out on getting done. As we talked before don't hesitate to have her get in touch with Jaycie for support or participation. Proud dad moments continue!
  10. cramerhunts

    A Few Fresh Bull Euros From My Son

    You and me both. Great work and a pleasure to deal with.
  11. cramerhunts

    Daughter's First Elk

    Another huge congratulations on a mighty fine bull, hunt, and adventure. I love watching and following along as Syd continues to grow into a mighty fine young adult. Way to go Syd and dad.
  12. cramerhunts

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    Thank you everyone, still enjoying the moment and yeah we were roughing it at camp in the AC and hot showers every night. I am blessed and thankful. I updated the post to include the video. Thanks again!
  13. cramerhunts

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    Thanks and yes he was ok but moving slow and complaining a little about sore feet, lol.
  14. cramerhunts

    A Walk In The Park!

    I think "epic" nailed it in a word. Great adventure, pictures, and trophies. I love it guys. Huge congratulations to you all!
  15. cramerhunts

    Fun hunt in New mexico

    I normally enjoy your write ups as much as the actual animal in the pictures but I completely understand the time and reason for keeping it short. I know how much work you guys put into this hunt and I love that the hard work paid off so well. Huge congratulations on a couple of stud bulls on your terms. Way to go guys again.
  16. cramerhunts

    Opening Day buck

    Congratulations again on a dandy buck! Super pumped for you for getting it done.
  17. cramerhunts

    Nephew's Bull

    Nice, congratulations to him on a super bull!
  18. cramerhunts


    Love it. Congratulations to him on a super bull.
  19. cramerhunts

    My brother in-law got it done.

    Congratulations to him on a fantastic bull!
  20. cramerhunts

    Archery 6x6 Bull Down

    Way to go on a super bull! Congratulations!!
  21. cramerhunts

    2016 Desert Ram

    Awesome mount and ram. Very unique and looks fantastic!
  22. cramerhunts

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Nice job on the write up, pics, and bull! Congratulations!
  23. cramerhunts

    7W Archery Bull

    Way to get it done on a gorgeous bull.
  24. cramerhunts

    Hunt of a Lifetime elk down

    So cool! Big time congratulations to him and everyone involved.
  25. cramerhunts

    Couldn't pass - taxi pic added

    Congrats on a very cool bull.