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  1. Coues&Bass

    3A-3C General Mule Deer Hunt Success! Big Bucks!!

    Seen some good bucks in 3A two years ago when on an elk hunt. thanks for sharing
  2. Coues&Bass

    Getting It Done In 31

    I need to find some like that in December. I have the same unit December 14-31st.
  3. Coues&Bass

    Swaro 10x42 EL FS

    My dad might be intrested. His were stolen by someone. I will pm if he wants them.
  4. Coues&Bass


    Great buck kid! Congratulations
  5. Coues&Bass

    Long Range Dink 1,243 yards

    Good shooting Trent, I know you guys have been working with those long range rifle shots.
  6. That is one big black bear for sure!
  7. I scout during the off season but if I do not find what I am looking for I know I can always go to certin spots and find deer. I killed a good buck in 09 and found another buck that was smaller but had potential. In 2010 I went back and found him in the same place and still growing. Tried to get my buddy on him but he got away. found him again in 2011, he had one side that was broke off so I let him walk. Hopefully this will be the year. I will find out when I hunt with a friend in late Nov. If he can not take him then I will be back in December hot on his trail. During the rut I try not to give up on a spot to soon especially if I am seeing alot of does. Sooner or later dude is going to show up with his nose in the air and I will be waiting.
  8. Coues&Bass


    100 to 105 needs more mass.
  9. Coues&Bass

    Who's ready?

    Ready but my hunt is not until December.
  10. Coues&Bass

    Dutch oven in the ground Pot Roast

    I would use some hard wood like mesquite or oak so you don't lose your heat. Love that dutch oven cooking!
  11. When I pack out my deer I like to cut the legs off at the knee's and tie the front legs at the hind legs and carry the deer out like a back pak. After you get back to camp hang your deer in the shade and skin it so the body cools down. I cut my deer up myself. I have a small bandsaw that works great. I get cuts similar to a cow, t bones, from the back strap and round steaks from the hind quarters. If it is hot during your hunt then quarter the deer and place them in an ice chest with ice to keep them cool so you don't loose the meat. I am hunting in 31 so can't help you much on locations. Good luck with your hunt.
  12. It is hard to tell in the pic because the Ocotillo is in the way.
  13. Coues&Bass

    GIANT bull down!!

  14. Coues&Bass

    new forest creature

    That is definatley a funny camp story right there! Hope he makes it through the winter.
  15. Coues&Bass


    There is a facebook page for Gila Valley Firearms where guns are bought and sold mostly locally but I will keep me eyes open and hope something may show up. Really a bad deal sorry for your loss.
  16. Coues&Bass

    San Carlos Lake

    I received a few pics from San Carlos lake. It is not a pretty site so viewer dicresion is advised.
  17. Coues&Bass

    San Carlos Lake

    Pics are less than two weeks old.
  18. Coues&Bass

    Where will you be huntin Elk?

    No elk tag so I will be scouting for Dec. 31 Coues hunt!
  19. Coues&Bass

    Scopes for sale

    My dad is looking for a pair of Sw 10x42's his were stollen out of his truck. I will be in Phx. Sept 29 if you still have them. send pm
  20. My friend had a mishap with his off road rig and is looking for a toyota 4 runner body. If you have one or know of one for cheap or trade please send a pm.
  21. Coues&Bass

    how many points do you have?

    17 still no tag.
  22. Coues&Bass

    Bartlett Flatheads

    I heard that the pending state record was caught at San Carlos before the lake was shut down. Anyone see any pics?
  23. Coues&Bass

    Toyota 4 Runner gen 1 body needed 84-88

    It has a Chevy 4.3L V6 and dual transfer cases with lockers. Quarter panles and hood definatley.