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  1. Coues&Bass

    Driving route advice needed

    Nice bull Matt! Glad we could help get you to the hunting grounds.
  2. Coues&Bass

    The Wife's first deer hunt

    Another one down for the ladies!
  3. Coues&Bass

    Lady Luck 201" 13B Mule Deer

    Great buck!
  4. Coues&Bass

    Fishing reports

    Thanks Ringer,standman you always come through. Time to re-string the poles and get the big motor fired up! looks like the weather is going to be nasty this weekend so maybe next.
  5. Coues&Bass

    Fishing reports

    Any lake reports or is everyone hunting? Just gettin the itch for some fall bassin! Are the bass pushing shad into the coves at Rosey or Apache? thanks
  6. Coues&Bass

    Late Novenber Coues

    Wow that buck looks like he has the body of a Virginia Whitetail! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Coues&Bass

    Trophy Tags out of Leftover Tags

    Nice buck thanks for sharing!
  8. Coues&Bass

    Coues Deer and Scent Attractants

    I have used the whitetail doe in rut and have had limited success with it. I have had bucks walk in behind me while I was glassing due them cutting my trail. The bucks were not big but they did react to the smell. One year a buddy of mine stepped away from where we were glassing to take care of some paperwork if you know what I mean. He heard something behind him and looked under the tree to see deer legs. He tried to get to his rifle and move around the tree and the deer moved 180 away from him like playing cat and mouse. Finally the small buck decided that he had enouph and took off. We hunted in the general area and picked the buck up again following our trail. Unfortently he was not the buck we were looking for. I was using the doe in rut when I shot my buck On December 26th 0f 2009. The sun was in my eyes so I had to wait to shoot, the deer seen me but did not react, although I was up wind the deer did not seem to care of my presence. So when the sun was low enouph I let the air out of him. My 2 cents
  9. Coues&Bass


    If the weather is cool and wet then they normally will start looking for does around December 15th. If the weather is warmer than usual and dry then it will start near the Winter Solstice which is on December 22nd. My 2 cents
  10. Coues&Bass

    Тянь-Шань скитания

    Heck of a trip thanks for sharing!
  11. Coues&Bass

    Fishing reports

    My hunting has almost come to a close for 2011. Anyone been to Rosey? Is the spoon bite still good?
  12. Coues&Bass


    Tried it during my 2009 December hunt but never had any success with it. I would also like to hear if anyone has had success with it.
  13. Coues&Bass

    Lightning killed Mexican wolf in Arizona

    Thank you mother nature!
  14. Coues&Bass

    Macho B Jr. sighting!!!

    A Cochise County hunting guide and his daughter, along with several hunting dogs who usually hunt mountain lions as a hobby told an Arizona Daily Star reporter that they treed a rare jaguar, last Saturday, in a canyon south of Interstate 10. Donnie Fenn, 32, and his daughter told the reporter, “It’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.” “I was nervous, scared, everything. That was an experience I’ll never forget. It was just the aggressiveness – the power it had, the snarling. It wasn’t a snarl like a lion. It was a roar. I’ve never heard anything like it,” said Fenn. They first spotted the jaguar atop a mesquite tree from about 200 yards away. Then, after Fenn left to call Game and Fish officials to seek advice on handling the situation, the jaguar left that tree and raced away, with Fenn’s hounds in pursuit. Eventually, the dogs caught up to and surrounded the jaguar, who clawed some of them and caused some puncture wounds as he tried to get away, Fenn said. Apparently, the jaguar was able to escape the hounds. It was the first confirmed jaguar sighting in the U.S. since the death of Macho B in March 2009.
  15. Coues&Bass

    new barrel for ruger m77

    I do not have any issues with accuracy from my Ruger m77 mark II and m77 hawkeye in 7mm and 270. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Coues&Bass

    Great Hunt , 1st coues

    I have a 2 point similar in size from unit 32. I liked it so much I put it on the wall.
  17. Coues&Bass

    Tough year???

    November 4 to 10 we went 2 for 4. Bad weather helped with the hunt. After weather moved out and the moon came into play the deer were scarce. When the weather was bad we seen more bucks then does.
  18. Coues&Bass

    Unit 30A, First Whitetail hunt

    Hike slow and keep your head up them little deer could be anywhere. Sorry I dont know much about that paticular unit. Glass, glaas and then do some more glassing. The weather is cooler and the rut is around the corner so the deer should be more active. Good luck!
  19. Coues&Bass

    new barrel for ruger m77

    I never had any issues with the barrels on my Rugers. Unless it got bent or something drastic that would make it fail. Is he having issues with grouping his shots or what is up?
  20. Coues&Bass

    Driving route advice needed

    If you are headed to Unit 1 I think going through Payson would be further out of your way. As soon as you enter back into AZ you are in Unit 1 and 27.
  21. Coues&Bass

    good week for yotes....

  22. Coues&Bass


    Sorry mar . maybe next year.
  23. Coues&Bass

    Very Nice non typical Coues

    What a beast!
  24. Coues&Bass


    Sorry devil in cat country you guys had a chance but the defense was just to much. Chow!