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    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    GF just busted Loren McReynolds for illegal hunting, including the deer in the GC Park. Search warrant served and heads seized. https://www.azgfd.com/5-mule-deer-trophies-recovered-during-search-of-flagstaff-residents-home/
  2. Every now and then things get a little sideways. This thread is one of those times.
  3. azshtr


    I called my UofA fan bro to ask who won. That is always fun. His reply was "what year"? Ha... nice try bro.
  4. azshtr

    Lots of lessons in this article!

    I was out of town for a week and just flew back and can't sleep... so I thought a quick check of CouseWT for anything interesting. This was it. Now to ponder the second "S". The first I can guess, the last was given... the second? Shovel?
  5. azshtr

    ISO Gatorade water bottles

    I use a cycling water bottle.
  6. azshtr

    Hunting radios

    Isn't that a maritime radio permit?
  7. azshtr

    lion on the prowl!

    Awesome. I've never heard that sound from a cat.
  8. azshtr

    Hunting radios

    You need a license anytime using Amateur Band radios, not just for repeaters. Then again you are legally able to use ANY means of communications in an emergency. The Baofeng radios are a great value. It's no Yeasu but they do work.
  9. Interesting 1st post. Welcome. Raccoon?
  10. azshtr

    Watch Guys Step Inside

    Tags are nice. Rolex is a Rolex. Check out Oris for a quality timepiece that is well known among watch collectors and doesn't have that huge markup..
  11. azshtr

    We're Bombing Syria!!!

    was obama backing assad? In a way... "don't cross this red line" ring a bell? Then.... nothing.
  12. azshtr

    Landscape storage yard

    The obvious would be storage lots. The one I keep a trailer at has many landscape and construction crews that use them daily. But I'm sure you explored that.
  13. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    Sold, enjoy the pistol.
  14. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    Initial sold... here is another. FIL had 2. I'm using the same pic's as they look the same. 1979 Ruger Old Army .45 Cal Pistol with holster (year is from serial number look up) $425 The Ruger Old Army is designed to be the most advanced and accurate cap and ball revolver ever made. It features an innovative hammer and base pin assembly that will not come open during recoil and can be disassembled without tools for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance, even at the range. This revolver has a round barrel, steel frame, 6-shot cylinder, adjustable rear sight and 2-piece grips. Comes with holster and factory nipple wrench along with wall mount. Blueing is perfect. No marks.
  15. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    PM responded to... let's get this gun sold!
  16. azshtr

    New neighbors

    I got buzzed by an owl on my last hunt. Never heard him.
  17. azshtr

    Bckpage is gone

    Add a camera and sell the results and then it's legal and called porn. Not under age or non consenting of course, that should involve a snipping of body parts of those involved.
  18. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    Ok lets go $375
  19. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    Bump... $750
  20. This is a perfect, beautiful set. I wish I had the funds and the MIL didn't need the funds. Wonderful gun set. Thompson Center Encore .243 and .50 cal Magnum. Both barrels have wood stocks, the .243 also has an additional synthetic fore stock. .243 has a Nikon Monarch 4x mounted on see through rings. The .50 cal has a Nikon Monarch 1.5 x 4.5 scope. Comes with case. Perfect wood and blueing. This looks store new. I don't know if my FIL ever shot it. Located in North Phoenix $900
  21. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    Let's go folks... bump time $775. I don't like back page but that may be where it his headed next. Case included!
  22. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    Ok lets bump this... $400
  23. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    Not going that low yet. Didn't on the last one and not yet on this one.