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  1. azshtr

    Lost Rangefinder

    It's a long shot but thought I'd post it up… I lost my Vortex Rangefinder in 30B. Ouch. If by chance I can get lucky and someone found it I'll be thrilled. On another note… I have an Elk hunt coming up and I need a rangefinder . Anyone have one to sell or recommendations on what to look at without breaking the bank?
  2. azshtr

    Lost Vortex Rangefinder

    Darn it! Unit 30B has a Vortex Rangefinder somewhere. If by some chance it's found beer is on me (or beverage of choice).
  3. This sucks. Keep us updated.
  4. azshtr

    Bushnell Tanks - Muley

    The death story involves a van of scouts that tried to cross the river when it was flooding.
  5. azshtr

    Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 Pack...

    I use the 1850 and put the tripod outside.
  6. azshtr

    1997 Coleman Popup Camper ABS Roof

    An option to Ringers approach... If it is structurally sound fill the void with foam sheets from Home Depot. Easy to shape, screw and glue. Very light weight. Then Fiberglass over.
  7. azshtr

    1997 Coleman Popup Camper ABS Roof

    That is the roof that sunk Coleman trailer company. Look up info at popupportal.com The best pop up tent info site I know of.
  8. azshtr

    Just a reminder - watch out for spiders!

    I'm on a private street with an HOA controlled front for landscape / pest control. We have never had a scorpion or black widow in 8 years. The end house near the water basin has a ton of scorpions... 1 block away. Keeping the food at bay (crickets) keeps the predators away. It helps to not live near the open wild area.
  9. azshtr

    Question about Bird Dogs

    Love my Britt. She is hyper but not nearly as much as my sons GSP. She also has very good recall in the field and ranges out just right but that's good genes and training. I'm glad my son suggested a Britt, and this came after he had his GSP.
  10. azshtr

    SOLD 91 Toyota 4Runner

    Sold... It's gone! I am so glad it went to a great family.
  11. azshtr

    SOLD 91 Toyota 4Runner

    SOLD This is one of those "hate to see it go" sales. I'm posting here before I run any ad on craigslist. It would thrill me to know it's being used as intended and built. The reason for the sale is wife doesn't really want to go out wheeling and for me a quad is fine. To many toys, only so much space and I'm not buying a new house. 1991 Toyota 4Runner for sale. 3.0 5 speed top of the line. Power windows (all work) power door locks (all work) power antenna and sun roof work great. ... the good, the bad, the ugly... The good... Reliable as the day is long. It starts, runs fantastic, very cold AC with new compressor. New alternator and battery (just because I want to know it will start in the back country). 3.0 rebuilt by toyota runs like butter. Transmission/clutch in great shape. Body protection all the way around. Custom rack built for the top with LED flood lights front and rear. Rack also has hi-lift which is included. Smittybuilt Winch and CB. Redone front suspension with new arms and ball joints. tie rod ends are perfect. No shimmy, wobble or other drive issues. New 32 inch rubber. Rear coils replaced and in great shape. Always runs cool even idling in traffic with the AC on. Manual front hubs. Aussie locker in the rear and I also have the original gears if you ever want to remove them but I don't see why you would... it climbs like crazy. JVC Stereo and even the power antenna works. No leaks except for the power steering, see below. EDIT: It was bugging me so I just bought new rear shocks as they were due. Not yet installed but soon will be. The Bad... Power steering has leaked since I bought it. The one issue I haven't bothered with as I just top it off now and then. It does have 225,000 on the odometer but you certainly couldn't guess by driving it. I trust it completely. The ugly... Not much other than pin stripes as I would hope you expect. I never abused or thrashed this awesome truck. It has not been a daily driver, rather just a weekend toy / hunting truck kept in the garage. Asking $4500 Dave 602-400-3373 Images coming
  12. azshtr

    SOLD 91 Toyota 4Runner

    It should be gone this evening. If by some chance it isn't I'll update the thread. Thanks. Someone's son is getting a very nice ride.
  13. azshtr

    Stolen camera

    You saw one out of a truck? That's a rare treat to see such a thing. I'm just kidding... any FS guys here don't take offense.
  14. azshtr

    Anyone know where to get a Brittany puppy?

    I don't need a french accented Britt.
  15. Great dog. Love watching dogs work and I know they love doing it.
  16. azshtr

    Mombasa Roof Top Tent

    What did I just see? Yikes, warn a guy next time.
  17. I think you have a right to demand OEM but I could be wrong.
  18. azshtr

    Anyone know where to get a Brittany puppy?

    Love my Brit. If you want a trainer referral, Tony out on the west side.
  19. azshtr

    SOLD 91 Toyota 4Runner

    Sold Pending Funds! Thanks for all the kind feedback and PM's.
  20. Sounds like the good ole jack the price then offer a discount game. I'd have a shop other than dealer look at it.