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    Drones for locating downed/lost game

    Animals are hard enough to see given the color of the hide and territory they live in. Having used drones for photography and fun my opinion is you wouldn't get much help from one finding a downed animal. Just my opinion of course.
  2. azshtr

    Good Luck Tomorrow

  3. azshtr

    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    That's a little different than a multi year investigation. Just sayin.
  4. Have you heard from them yet? My family in Clearwater said it was bad last night, however the house is fine. The trees are down, lost the fence etc. No power, but all are OK.
  5. My bigger fear is power outage after the storm passes.
  6. azshtr

    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    This is now reported on azfamily.com. IMHO even if he does somehow skate the hunt world and social media will report what they know.
  7. They are in my thoughts. I have family boarded up in Clearwater. Where are they?
  8. azshtr

    Hunts for Heros 5b North

    Sending PM
  9. azshtr

    Free Tattoo...

    Awesome. I hope they are out of pain killers.
  10. azshtr

    Looking for a 22 mag

    Henry makes a great gun. American made and quality. I bought a Golden Boy 22 that is for the grand kid when he is old enough.
  11. azshtr

    Building a pool, looking for subs.

    My neighbor digs pools for living... I can ask him if you wish.
  12. Once I figured out the loads and equipment, I was amazed at accurate it was at 100 yards. Very tight groups. Have fun!
  13. azshtr

    Where am I?

    Where do you Xit to find those?
  14. azshtr

    Where am I?

    Winner here!!! Been a long time since I have been to Hurricane Lake, went and checked it out plus a bunch of new country I have never seen!!! Absolutely beautiful.... Rent-a-Lake???? What is up with that???? I used to camp there as a kid. Isn't it called Christmas Tree Lake now?
  15. azshtr

    Best Frame Pack For A Backpack Mule deer hunt

    Kuiu system is nice as well. One frame, multiple size bags can go on it.
  16. azshtr


    Free bump for a nice RangeFinder. If anyone finds mine in the Dragoons let me know.
  17. azshtr

    WTS Forest Lakes Lot

    Is this the property right on 260?
  18. azshtr

    And now...unit 33 is Burning...

    Will the deer be back in this area by December?
  19. azshtr

    *Update*Cold Springs flood

    Oh man... 7 Dead.
  20. azshtr

    Suspicious Person/Arsonist

    Heard it here first! CW News Network! CWNN
  21. azshtr

    Take it off or leave it on???? My grill

    If it's hitting a nerve with the wife... it goes. Or... add a pole.
  22. azshtr

    Fishing Outfit Rant

    If this was my kids and this situation... I'd be miffed at the money but wouldn't care in the bigger picture. Plus, I can't blame the outfitter who needs to keep the guides happy. It sucks but it could be worse than this by a log shot.
  23. azshtr


    Awesome gun!
  24. azshtr

    Who owns this Hand...

    I couldn't help but think of this song I don't WTF often... WTF!
  25. azshtr

    Good hiking

    Yep... stop at 2 along the creek to camp, then do a hike to the tanks I suppose if you are taking scouts into the area, it is only fair to mention it has a sad history with scouts. It's not good and pretty much why it's still only a walk in trail. Probably best if the Moms don't know about it. Very pretty and used to be a popular place to go. What happened Van washed downstream during a flood.