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  1. azshtr

    Good hiking

    Yep... stop at 2 along the creek to camp, then do a hike to the tanks
  2. azshtr

    Chainsawing Coolers!

    I like being in camp for 4-5 days without a need to do a town run for ice. Cold beer is very important.
  3. azshtr

    Protein Powders

    Psst... Isagenix whey is the about the best you can get in the US. It comes from New Zealand pasture cows with no hormones added or anything else. I don't know of any whey protein available in the US that high in quality. They have been a client of mine for 9 years... I know the peeps in the lab as friends. It is good stuff. No sales pitch but PM me if you want more info or look them up.
  4. azshtr

    Stolen gun recovered

    I had a friend's truck get stolen and recovered. The truck had a gun under the seat when he picked it up that was not there before the theft. The police didn't want it back.
  5. azshtr

    Draw progress

    I remember putting in for 5B, not getting drawn, so we went down to the G&F office & bought an archery bull tag for units 1, 2, 4, & 27! I started hunting in the late 70's... Horton Creek in unit 27, Boggy, Centerfire, & Wildcat Creeks in unit 1, & Chevelon Butte in 4. Those hunts were so much fun, back before diaphragm calls, & using gas pipe or straight pipe bugles! I also started using an Olt quail call to mimic cow elk & having a ball, & in the early 80's hearing people using diaphragm turkey calls to sound like bulls. Also the year the Larry Jones elk bugle came out & how great we thought it sounded (I believe I still have mine BTW). Probably dating myself some... :/ Some?
  6. azshtr

    Believe it or not

    "So you're saying there's a chance" Quote from a favorite movie
  7. azshtr

    Ruger SR1911 NIB for sale

    I know you're throwing in ammo but that gun is $768 new Nice gun BTW
  8. azshtr

    Cc hits are happening

    Frick... nothing yet.
  9. azshtr

    WTB Cheap Rifle

    Yep, Savages aren't pretty but they do shoot well. I have a nice Ruger .270 but the Savage .270 gets the abuse of back country hunting.
  10. azshtr

    Looking to buy a Brittany Pup

    Love my Britt
  11. azshtr

    Reminder - AZDFG Not Calling This Year

    This also would help with all the out of state apps. Charge them upfront.
  12. azshtr

    22 South Lodging

    Avoid Knights Inn unless the cheap price fits your needs. It's a dump.
  13. azshtr

    Roughest Road Ever?

    5BN off the mesa into the flats. Endless rocks and bouncing.
  14. azshtr

    Cherry Creek Road FR 203 Permanent Closure

    It was a group of boy scouts in a van.
  15. azshtr


    I got a hit!
  16. azshtr

    Explosive Cameras

    I read the story twice and can't figure out if peta types are rigging cameras already in the field or if someone is trying to get a camera thief with rigged cameras.
  17. azshtr

    Please Pray for Me and My Family

    Waiting is hard. Prayers sent mi amigo.
  18. azshtr

    Tikka T3 SS Lite .270 & Cannondale Road Bikes

    Canondale CAAD's are great bikes.
  19. azshtr

    Anyone know anything about fixing grills?

    New regulator. If you want a good one go to a bbq store or RV store.
  20. azshtr

    Got gophers?

    Cha Ching. I couldn't afford to shoot that very often.
  21. azshtr

    Please Delete

    I'll give John a free bump here. This is gorgeous country. I went to check it out this weekend. The slope is a little more than I expected however that could be a great thing. No-One will obscure your view. Many homes in the area have built on this slope, it's just more than I am used to. As said, I'm still debating because for the price.. you can't go wrong. This property will not go down in value in my opinion. Wow... really nice property John. Dang nice property. It's a shame this area took a hit during the downturn. If anyone is considering this property go look. By the way... many border patrol and highway patrol live in this division, don't worry about the border.
  22. azshtr

    Minox 15x58 ED Newly refurbished by Minox

    Great glass and good relief for eye glass wearers. Free bump, I have a pair.
  23. azshtr

    Please Delete

    PM Sent
  24. azshtr

    Please welcome Game Planner Maps as a new sponsor!

    400 people on a 3 day hike! Yikes! Herding cats comes to mind. All jokes aside. Great web site and welcome. I didn't know about you till the other day when someone asked about map printing. (now that I think about it... great marketing ploy )
  25. Maybe the huggers killed the bear to fuel opposition to delisting the bears? Oh, and quit naming wild animals. I'd bet most here have knick names for animals they watch. Just giving you a hard time!