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  1. After the Dec 2019 date with charges dropped, is he then able to apply for a guide license? If so that's not a long ban.
  2. azshtr

    AZ is famous

    We have a flying saucer crash http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/bizarre-google-earth-footage-captures-7701315 Funny stuff.
  3. azshtr

    AZ is famous

    You just can't see them.
  4. azshtr

    AZ is famous

    I know what it is. I found it funny that it made a news story.
  5. azshtr

    WTB leupold 3x9x40 vxll

    All gift wrapped and everything.
  6. azshtr

    Kids & Guns Safety Reminder

    I have a grand kid who is now on two legs and mobile. Time to reevaluate the home. Thanks for the friendly heads up.
  7. azshtr

    Where do you keep your bow?

    Bolt that safe down or it's a carry all.
  8. azshtr

    Nevada proposing to ban Trail Cameras

    Did he figure out how to open it?
  9. azshtr

    For you fly fishermen out there.

    Ooh ahhh cool finish.
  10. azshtr

    The Ewe-air-eze

    B/W get 2 thumbs up.
  11. azshtr

    Anyone removed saltillo tile?

    Pain in the tush! There was so much dust we had to drape off a room at a time and wear breathing masks. I would not want to do that job again. I used a Hilti demo chisle and wide blade.
  12. azshtr

    Found in 23S ...

    What is your problem? Why do you jump on the Debbie Downer band wagon like this?
  13. azshtr

    WTB mountain bike

    I have a great motobecane fantom pro FS. Large, I'm just under 6' tall and it fits fine. The web site below has a size chart.. Rock shock fork and shock. XTR shifters and front derailer, XT rear derailer. (I smashed the XTR rear derailed on a rock.) Similar to this http://www.motobecane.com/ds/fpds.html Only selling as I upgraded bikes.
  14. azshtr


    Another added to my ignore list. See ya QHunterAZ
  15. azshtr

    Pop up trailer

    Not trying to rain on any parade but if your looking at older pop ups, don't have high hopes for a working refrigerator or let it be a deal breaker if it doesn't. It would be rare to find one that does work well. Just FYI. The refrigerators really suck. When they go bad it's usually a clog in the coolant lines and there really isn't a solution. If they do work they take so long to cool down (24 hrs) that I just find it easier to use a cooler and the refrigerator as a pantry for breads and such. The heaters however are awesome and rarely have problems, worth the price of admission into comfortable sleeping and camping. Just don't be surprised if the refrigerator doesn't work. Again… not trying to ruin a deal, just saying don't let a non working fridge deter your choice.
  16. azshtr

    extending hitch on travel trailer

    They also make slightly longer ball hitch inserts.
  17. azshtr

    Close place to go play in snow

    Mt Ord road or Four Peaks road. Snow was great saturday. We went sledding at the Park in Payson. The snow was already getting hammered there however.
  18. azshtr

    Favorite Find

    I was on Anderson Mesa's edge in 5 when I looked down and there was pottery shards everywhere and a large hide scraper. Cool that we hunt the same ground all these years later.
  19. azshtr

    Favorite Find

    Pretty sure it is still illegal to remove any Indian made artifact found on state or federal land ... everything like arrowheads, pottery , beads , ect... is suppose to be left . please let me know if I am wrong . I know right where they are.
  20. azshtr

    Favorite Find

    That's cool. My favorite is old turquoise beads... indian made.
  21. azshtr

    Jack Russell pups

    Tenacious lovable little critters. I had Russells for many years. I once went up a ladder to work on the roof and turned around to find my Jack followed me up. It then jumped down, and was fine. Sheesh... as I said tenacious little things.
  22. I agree that public land that is land locked should be off limits to hunting for anyone until access is arranged for all.
  23. azshtr

    Deer in 24A

    There was just a post not long ago about theft right there.
  24. azshtr

    Prayers for my niece

    She's in my thoughts as well.