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  1. azshtr

    Unit 21 Bold Hill Area

    I know one spot I won't be hunting.
  2. azshtr

    Any Advice for a New Guy

    At this point you'll get more by not over thinking it and just go hunt. You have enough info to start. Once you find animals you'll learn lots by watching them. Sit and glass.
  3. azshtr

    22north advise

    PM on the way
  4. azshtr

    WOW really?

    Need more popcorn, be right back...
  5. azshtr

    1940 norge deluxe

    Geez I'm having issues with a 10 year old fridge.
  6. azshtr

    Unit 22 advice

    I just saw the biggest herd of pigs ever in 22. We weren't positive on the total as they kept moving and had several babies but 15 to 20 is the count we had. It was awesome. The wind was blowing from us to them, they had 3 at least who came to check us out and huffed, even circled us while huffing. The little buggers wouldn't leave. 15 minutes easy at anywhere from 15 yards to 30 all while not really caring if we spooked them (meaning we were not being stealthy at all, rather actually just standing and watching). To bad I had an elk tag.
  7. Dang! Someone grab this pup. Love my Britt
  8. azshtr

    Best az backcountry jacket.

    X2. I have 2 hunts on mine now and I really like this jacket. Just be careful in the cats claws.
  9. azshtr

    Wanting to get Good at Glassing

    X2. If your in good country with sign, they are most likely there. Every time I finally take a long walk through the country I just glassed I am amazed at the cuts, deep washes and ravines out of visual range from where I was glassing. It takes persistence, timing and luck. However the harder you try the luckier you get.
  10. azshtr

    Wanting to get Good at Glassing

    Radios with ear plugs work great. If partner wants to wander across the ridge to glass it actually helps. Being able to chat and keep tabs is awesome. Having eyes on a buck you are working and can guide you is priceless. IMHO.
  11. azshtr

    2006 Viking Popup trailer- SOLD

    I have a couple hunts in my new to me pop up. What a difference over tent camping. Nice trailer... free bump.
  12. azshtr

    Mazatzal Wilderness

    That is nuts country. Way easier places to hunt.
  13. azshtr

    First elk hunt

    Late hunts are hard. No vocals means finding and patterning elk. That takes time in the field either during the hunt or before. Good luck.
  14. azshtr

    GPS recommendations

    Easy peasy. 24k topos on your gps.
  15. azshtr

    Any pop up trailers out there FS?

    Pics or it didn't happen! I love mine.
  16. azshtr

    XD 40

    All he does is come here to sell stuff.
  17. azshtr

    Camera Etiquitte

    Mighty high horse you have sir. You probably mount that high horse after you log off google earth, get into your cushy truck, use your gps, mount your quad, then finally hike with your fancy boots.. all for a chance to shoot a buck with your super fast bow and sight able to dial in 100 plus yards using your range finder. It's all just technology pal.
  18. azshtr

    Another stolen RZR & ATV

    I'm guessing the soul was lost before this theft.
  19. azshtr

    elk nose ?

  20. azshtr

    Another stolen RZR & ATV

    That sucks. For those that never thought of it… Just wanted to share an obvious thing the RV store told me when buying a hitch lock (I never thought about it). The lock that fills the ball area and clamps down is what you need. If you only lock the clamp shut with a padlock on top, all it takes is a 1.5" ball and the trailer weight to keep the tongue down. The smaller ball will fit in the ball cavity fine without opening the clamp. Then they go around the corner and cut the lock.
  21. azshtr

    Rain Gear - Brag about yours!

    I just used the cabelas rain jacket and pants that compress into a little bag. It worked great during an all day on off rain.