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  1. In 1995 the game and fish tried to pin some very serious charges on my brother. They wrote tickets and preceded to shame my brother into folding like a cheap suit. From shooting a deer in the wrong unit to another serious charge they thought they had my brother tarred and feathered from the get go. If the Internet was around back then everyone would have thought he was a total scumbag and guilty as sin. They confiscated my brothers net typical coues he shot and we went to court. Turns out the unit manager didn't even know his own unit boundaries and tk make a long story short the judge literally was so disgusted with the g and f that he dropped the gavel while laughing at the game and fish out loud in court. He also made them apologize on record and out loud to my brother and the crowd in court. The judge was blown out of the water that this case even made it to court. Point is let's see where the real evidence lies and what happens when it's all presented.

    That's a little different than a multi year investigation. Just sayin.

  2. So my dad really likes the idea of a single shot 22 mag. Don't know why. He has been eyeballing the Henry for several years but would never buy one for himself. I want to get him one. Any thoughts on the Henry? Any better options out there? He likes "unique" guns.

    Henry makes a great gun. American made and quality.


    I bought a Golden Boy 22 that is for the grand kid when he is old enough.


    The first pictures looks like reservation ranch just past reservation lake heading toward Pacheta lake.

    Winner here!!!

    Been a long time since I have been to Hurricane Lake, went and checked it out plus a bunch of new country I have never seen!!!

    Absolutely beautiful....



    What is up with that????


    I used to camp there as a kid. Isn't it called Christmas Tree Lake now?

  4. If this was my kids and this situation... I'd be miffed at the money but wouldn't care in the bigger picture. Plus, I can't blame the outfitter who needs to keep the guides happy. It sucks but it could be worse than this by a log shot.

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    The strange thing is... the HAND(gotta put that in caps haha) is in horrible condition, old scrape's/dings/rubber beat-up... rubber-bands and elastic band are new...


    Has this happened to this person before??? Do they have 'back-up"??? How the heck do you "mis-place" your HAND???...

    I couldn't help but think of this song


    I don't WTF often... WTF!

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    Bushnell Tanks is as easy as it gets. Easy entry on the road and perfect cell reception from Mt. Ord.. 3 Miles back to the tanks or stop at 2.

    Yep... stop at 2 along the creek to camp, then do a hike to the tanks

    I suppose if you are taking scouts into the area, it is only fair to mention it has a sad history with scouts. It's not good and pretty much why it's still only a walk in trail. Probably best if the Moms don't know about it. Very pretty and used to be a popular place to go.

    What happened


    Van washed downstream during a flood.