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  1. deerhugger

    Springfield XDM 10mm threaded

    Any trade interest?
  2. deerhugger

    Big bull contests?

    count me in!
  3. Has anyone had any experience with these? Alumina Intensifier kit from Leupold.
  4. deerhugger

    Trigger Job

    Thanks gang for the replies. Much apprecited.
  5. deerhugger

    Trigger Job

    I have a winchester mod 70 that needs a trigger job done if anyone knows someone close to far east mesa, I would appreciate the info.
  6. deerhugger

    Trigger Job

    Have a good one in Payson That would be great mike. I have to drive there anyway to go scouting.
  7. deerhugger

    **Draw Results**

    3A/3C EARLY BULL! First one! can anyone recommend a good pistolsmith for a basic trigger job?
  8. deerhugger

    Carp Contest?

    I know this is predominately a W/T site, but those of us that were so unfortunate to draw a blasted carp tag..(jk), anybody interested in a mulie contest? Or is there one already in the works?
  9. deerhugger

    Carp Contest?

    <<<<<<<<<<< this is my lion huntin dog The picture is just after a hard days hunt in the field.....hes relaxin in his swim trunks at the bunkhouse. so, why do "they" call 'em carp?
  10. deerhugger

    New Member

    Hello all. As you can see by my TAG I am a newbie. I have been lurking for some time now and finally thought it was time to join. I am proud to be a member, as I already have a bumper sticker (not on yet) and ready to display my allegiance. I generally hunt mulies but just last year, I did tag my first coues for which I am very proud of since it was a leftover tag in 30B.....guess nobody hunts there. Anyhow, hope to meet some of ya down the road.
  11. deerhugger

    30b? any thoughts

    you got mail.....I sent you a pm
  12. deerhugger

    New Member

    I live around crismon/guad area. I have hunted mulies all my life in alot of different units. grew up in 30B, so I know it well. Sure are alot of coues there, just never hunted them until last year. Yes, my dog has his swimsuit on.........he dresses well for our annual luau.
  13. deerhugger

    Anyone in my hood?

    That's funny... I used to live on that street. 9428 was our address. Hey, I live on osage in Mesquite Canyon!