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    Leica Trinovid 10x42- $1,100

    How old are they?
  2. dbengraver

    Looking for someone that engraves

    I could do it for you
  3. dbengraver

    Best 10x42s under $500?

    I own a set of explore optics 10s and for under 300 buck they are an excellent set of glass and have a lifetime warranty their is a dealer in the valley, so if you get a chance give them a try you won't be disappointed
  4. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    I have a custom engraved H&R SS 20ga for sale it has fully sculpted turkey's on the sides and deep relief oak leaves also sculpted, I have over 40 hrs of work in to this shot gun, Its a fully functional gun not just a wall hanger. dont want to sell it but need to asking 350 obo thanks for looking
  5. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    Price drop $250 and it's all yours and thanks for looking
  6. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    Here is pictures of the full gun, and price drop $300 if i get asking amount ill donate 50 to Amanda
  7. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    Thanks big browns and for pricing that all depends on what you want done
  8. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    Here are a few more things that I've done, The elk is hand inlayed in one piece copper and is about 2x2 inch
  9. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    I think I have a full pic of it I'll try to post it this evening and some other work that I've done
  10. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    Sounds good
  11. dbengraver

    custom engraved 20 ga

    Thanks hoghntr let me know what you want done
  12. dbengraver

    FS Docter 15x60 Binoculars

    Pm sent
  13. dbengraver

    blue explore in pv maverik

    Nice, hope the scouting trip was successful
  14. dbengraver

    FS Docter 15x60 Binoculars

    Interested in these glasses where are you located?
  15. dbengraver

    blue explore in pv maverik

    Where you pulling a trailer?
  16. dbengraver


    Their is also a company in Prescott called adventure trailers that also do a similar trailer and also do a cab over pop up tent and a bunch of other cool stuff
  17. dbengraver


    Speedygross if you aren't able to do it on the surface that he wants I can?I do hand engraving on fire arms I can cut almost all surfaces on a gun
  18. dbengraver

    Remington BDL walnut stock

    Is it a LA stock?
  19. dbengraver

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody I hope Santa was good to you all:)
  20. dbengraver

    my dads dec buck

    So I couldn't make it in the second weekend of the hunt with my dad but my brother did they left Friday afternoon to the camp Saturday am they left early to get to the spot where I got mine so they get their before light Waite for sun up and the fog rolled in had to Waite it out when it finally cleared this guy stepped out at 400 and my dads hunt was over he not a big buck but a cool 3x with split eye guards and also this is what happens when you let your brother take your truck hunting lol!!!
  21. dbengraver

    My late dec hunt

    Well my hunt ended short was going try to make I longer hunt but only made it to the second day so here's the story! Got up at 4am Friday am to head out with my dad who also has a tag, so we get to our spot get set up and 2 minutes later does so we watch them and a little bit later I spot the first buck a mid 70s 3x not bad but not a opening morning buck so the day goes on and we ended up seeing 5 bucks all small ones and 9 does . So we head out to another spot for the evening and not much happened only seen 2 does so time to head in and try again in the am . Day 2 back to the same spot as the morning before but now its really windy so we get set up I ended up sitting down to glass with my tripod, about 10 minutes goes by nothing then I look down below us and their is 2 does about 250 yards I tell my dad and he moved over on the other side of me to get a better look at them. A few minutes go by and he says I got a small 2 point I find him and watch him feed across the bottom hoping he jumps something out but nothing and I watch him bed so u start glassing around nothings moving to windy,then I here my dad say I got one tell me what you think ? So I jump up run over look at him for about 30 seconds and he says do you want him I said yep he said get your gun so I do and get set up, look threw my scope nothing my dad says are you on him I sat I can't find him so I look bare eyed and hes lower than I was looking so I readjust my rifle now I'm good. I tell my dad ok are you on him he says yeah boom shot 1 the gun jumps I loose him my dad said he's hit and now he's to the left of the cedar about ten yards I find him in my scope head down quartered away my dad says can you Sneak one in his shoulders I said nonim not that steady he says ok move over here so u do and lay down and get set up for shot #2 my dad says ok are you good now yep solid boom gun goes off loose deer again I say where is he? Dad says he took two steps and layed down back in the scope yep I got him boom shot #3 dad says he's done!!! I get up get all my stuff together and now the real fun begins! A short 30 min hike to get to him now its 9am get all the hard work done now time to pack him out. Back to the truck by lunch and headed home. Got a tape on him he's an even 90 inched my biggest buck so far! now time to get my dad his!
  22. dbengraver

    My late dec hunt

    Update with my dads buck at beginning of post
  23. dbengraver

    My late dec hunt

    Thanks everybody and his basses are 4.5 above the burr. Unfortunately I'm not able to go with my dad this weekend because of work buy my brother is and they are headed up tonight. I'll keep ya all posted if he kills this weekend
  24. dbengraver

    coati questions

    How far north has anybody seen them? Was scouting for my December hunt today and glasses one up couldn't believe my eyes have never seen one in this area before, I've seen them down south before but never up here
  25. dbengraver

    coati questions

    I guess its not that uncommon to see them up this high I just have never seen one up here all the years I've hunted this unit but still really cool to have seen it