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    6A october

    hey we went 4 for 4 this year nothing real big but it was a ruff 1 this year seen 2 good buck but 2 guys where headed to them so we watched from up above them an seen the shooter miss a really nice buck at 350-400 yards hit right at his feet.
  2. dbengraver

    Gettin ready...

    Yeah hopefully that doesn't mess with the hunt? This is the first time for this cow hunt at this time of year.Well good luck on scouting tomorrow!!!
  3. dbengraver

    Gettin ready...

    I'll be with my dad,brother and step brother up there and I've got a silver 89 4runner with the orange camo cw sticker. If we don't run into each other good luck to you guys!!!!!
  4. dbengraver

    Gettin ready...

    Ill be leaving next tuesday evening for 6a got the whole hunt off
  5. dbengraver

    Coues Buck Down!

    congrats,the says it all
  6. dbengraver

    Happy Birthday Bill Quimby!!

  7. dbengraver

    dead rockies

    Thats terrible!! theirs not a whole lot in the state anyways. that just hurts the breading ability's to grow!
  8. dbengraver

    A Few Valleys

    Awesome pictures great colors
  9. dbengraver

    Custom Firearm Engraving

    Thank you swwildlife, as for the erasing part that dosnt work so well,metal chews up rubber erasers fast!!! haha. Also gonna try to get some new stuff to show, these pieces were from a few years ago. got a new piece started it will be a week or so before its done.
  10. Hello forum members, My name is Dustin Barker aka"dbengraver" here on cw.com and would like to show you folks what it is I do. here is a couple of pics of some of the guns I've done If you have any questions add reply or email me at dbengraver15@yahoo.com thanks
  11. dbengraver

    Custom Firearm Engraving

    thanks it doesn't take very much to change the look of a gun,Also did some Harley parts for a guy in cotton wood
  12. dbengraver

    Custom Firearm Engraving

    Thanks if anybody wants anything done say your favorite hunting rifle or shot gun just let me know. and priceing is on the low side trying to get my name out their!!!
  13. I think thats the way it should be for bolth mule deer and coues around these parts,the quality for the bucks would get better. I think they should also do what they use to for the deer hunts my dad said when he was in high school in the mid 70s they would get a buck tag and if you hadnt killed a buck by the end of your hunt you had i think 2 or 3 days to hunt a doe. So you still filled a tag and it also managed the doe population also! plus it would add a great addition to the trophy room dont have a coues doe mount. well just thoughts !!!
  14. dbengraver

    Whats In A Name

    Mine is fairly simple its the initials of my name and the engraver part is what i do on the side custom gun engraving
  15. dbengraver

    18B Antelope

    nice goat, congrats! its tuff with a bow
  16. dbengraver


    get a tag and get after him! if there was deer there before they move out but not in all cases. he could be a drifter just passing threw? nice cat
  17. dbengraver

    2011 buck

    that buck is worth every minute spent on that stalk, beautiful buck
  18. dbengraver

    Robert Kay's amazing NT Muley! 283 5/8

    wouldnt know what I would do if i seen something that big!!!!!
  19. dbengraver

    jerry's taxidermy coues

    what are his price's on head mounts?
  20. dbengraver

    Draw Results post here

    4 of us on 1 app oct 6a my dad no sheep still he has been puting in for 30+ years well maby next year for him!
  21. dbengraver

    Do you use 10x binos for Big Game Hunting?

    i use a set of explore optic 10x42"great glass btw" for quick finding then if i need a closer look i use my dads docter 15s
  22. dbengraver

    Win a Rifle Railz/Loc Jaw Combination

    ill say 115 7/8
  23. dbengraver

    Guess the score contest - April 2011

    GONNA SAY 148
  24. dbengraver

    New Guess the Score contest

    gonna go with 94 7/8