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    Az Coues 2009

    I had very similar sucsess with my brother this year but I was the one who ended up with the BIG ONE. If the table were turned I would still be just as happy. Those are memories that will last a life time. Congrats on two great bucks.

    Finished October with Success

    You guys wacked em this year!!! Great job!
  3. Very nice buck!!!! It's great that your wife is involved and now hooked.... Great good

    24A Success!

    Congrats! These are memories you'll charish forever...

    Sweet Success

    Great buck!!! congrats on both kills.

    My First Giant Coues Buck!!!

    NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!! That buck is a Giant! I hope he spread his genes if you know what I'm saying!

    My first true coues deer

    great job on a cool looking buck! Definitely a wall hanger
  8. After hunting these little critters for several years without any luck. I was finally able to put my hands on my very first coues buck. This hunt started in early August looking at TOPO maps, searching for water, alot of glassing and, setting up trail cameras. The first month was very slow and dry. I made countless day trips into my area but I wasn't haveing any luck locating deer. I was only getting small game and blowing wind on trail cams. I was getting frustrated to say the least. I was ready to start looking for another area to hunt. I would give my cameras one more week before I move them. I went home and started studying the TOPO's again. Early that next week we finally got some rain fall. I went in on Saturday morning to move the cameras. While walking up to one of my cameras I noticed that the rain had filled up a nice little water hole in the wash where I had the camera. I checked the picture and was amazed to see a gaint buck. The picture was at night and wondered if the buck was nocturnal since i hadn't been able to spot him during the day. This was the only time I would catch this paticular buck on camera but, it gave me hope. My mind was set on hunting this area for at least the first couple days of the hunt. Opening morning I woke up at 4:00am after a restless night sleep dreaming about the giant buck on my trail camera. Got a quick bit to eat and hit the road. I arived in my hunting area about 5:00am and started my 35 min walk in the dark to my glassing spot. Once I was finally there I pulled out the tripod and the 15's ,sat the range finder right next to me, jacked a round in the chamber and, flipped the safety on. I would now sit and wait for the sun to peek over the hill. As you guys know that's the longest 30 mins of the day. Once the sun was up enough to see I started glassing the basin below me. After 15 min I spotted movement down in the bottom. It turned out to be 3 hunters walking right for the saddle that I was sitting above. I watched to see if they would bust anything out but they didn't and finally made it to the saddle and over they went. A few more minutes went by and a Rhino and a truck pulled up and parked about 50 yards from were I parked. Although it was about 3/4 of a mile away I could hear them talking and caring on. I didn't pay much attention to them and continued to glass. BOOM!!!!! The girl in their group had just shot her first deer not 50 yards from were they parked. Although it was a small buck she was very excited and I got to congradulate her later in the day. After pictures and high fives 3 of the guys in their group headed up the ridge right at me. It was then that I decided to move. I was going to walk across the saddle and work the ridge around to another glassing spot. I got over the hill and almost across the saddle to the start of the other ridge and there they were. (not the deer) The 3 other hunters that walked over the saddle earlier. Feeling a little lost at what to do I turned and walked to a rock ledge that was directly behind where I was glassing from. I peeked over the edge and then to the right. There he was a giant buck 100 yards away standing right at the bottom of the rock ledge quartering away. I flipped the safety took one step for a clear shot, lined up the scope on my 270 WSM to his sweet spot and BANG!!!! It was a perfect shot and he crashed. It was 7:30 opening morning and I had FINALLY connected on my very first coues buck. Not only was this my first coues buck it was also a buck of a life time. Now that my deer was down I had to get him back to the truck. This turned out to be quite a chore but with the the help of some very nice hunters who killed a very good buck just on the other side of the hill from me. We got it done and I can't thank them enough. DAY 2 My brother Robert who also had a tag headed out to his secert honey hole as I went to serch for the tripod that feel out of my pack sometime while I was halling my buck back to the truck the day before. He walked the side of a ridge that he had taken a shot at a buck the day before but missed. He wanted to find that buck and even the score. He's not one for sitting for hours on end glassing like myself he would rather jump them up and shot them on the run. " It works for him". As he walked the ridge he jumped 2 bucks and one of them didn't go very far before it stop to look back. Bad mistake BANG!! he smoked that dude with his 7mm. I got his text at 7:45am just as I was able to locate the tripod. I couldn't believe it, it was just over 24 hours since i had shot my buck and we now had 2 down and they are both great bucks. What a great hunt!!! I had a good friend score my buck and he came up with 107 5/8" GROSS and he will NET just over 100" slightly bigger then I thought he'd be . I think my brothers buck will score in the mid 80's. While remembering the hunt and looking at pictures I relized that the giant buck on my camera was the same buck that I shot. Take a look.

    My dry spell finally ended!

    That is one cool looking buck

    Held at gunpoint

    This is getting out of control! 36B is a great unit to hunt with alot of deer in it. I hunted it for quit a few years but this is the reason I don't hunt down there anymore. I finally got tired of seeing all the trash as well as run-ins with illigals. Although never had anything happen to this extreme it is a little scary down there. You've always got to be looking over your shoulder "not fun". If your hunting down there don't hunt alone and be very cautious. Good luck Jason
  11. Being a new member to this site I just wanted to say hello to all. I have been a guest on this site for a couple years now and have seen some great things form a lot of great hunters. So I figured it was time to join in on fun. I've been addicted to these little critters ever since I went down south on a Dec hunt with my good friend Manny (AKA MJMHUNTER). I didn't have a tag for this particular hunt (although I wish I did) I was just there to help glass and I got hooked. I've been a "TAIL CHASER" ever since. As an average hunter at best and not having a whole lot of time to spend in the woods. As a guest on this site I have already gained a lot of knowledge through the advice given in different post on this site. I have applied that advice out in the field and believe I have become a better hunter because of it. For that I want to say Thank You. Also being a guest for so long I have learned that thare are a lot of great individuals on this site with a passion for the outdoors. "This is where friendships have been made and great stories have been told." I'm just excited to finally be apart of it. Jason

    what do you think he'll score?

    The buck in the fourth picture should go 97"-100". Great bucks I'd shoot any of them.

    New to Coues Whitetail.com

    I'll try to figure out how to post some pics. Got some good trail cam photos this year I can share.

    Success photos from the past few hunts

    Congradulations to all the hunters aswell as the entire Mullins crew. What a great way to start the hunting season. Good work Boys