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  1. I have the 15x50 HD vipers and love them. I also have the minox 15x58's. I bought the vipers when my 10x42's were stolen out of my truck and needed a pair to wear around my neck. I already had the minox 15's but can you really have too many pairs of 15's? what I like about the vipers compared to the minox is ther size and weight. My minox are great but they are tanks and can make a pack quit heavy after a few miles. the vipers HD's are bright and clear and are well worth the $$$.

  2. My hunt accually didn't start until the last day due to a pregnet wife that was due on Thanksgiving day. Well are brand new baby girl Avery was finally born on Monday 11-28-11 at 8:49pm. She was 8 lbs 5oz and just as beautiful as her mother. We were released from the hospital on Wednesday and my wife said I could go hunting on Thursday. Gosh I love her!

    Manny aka (mjmhunter) said he would go with me. I also talked to my dad and he had told me were my brother and him were seeing elk sense they were up there just days earlier. They were both sucsessfull and killed their bulls on Saturday and Sunday. My brother shot his 4x5 on Saturday morning and my dad shot his 5x5 on Sunday morning. I was so jealous getting text from them as their hunt was going on but I knew I needed to be here with my wife. I told myself over the weekend that if the baby hadn't arrived by Tuesday morning I was going to call make-a-wish and donate my tag so it wouldn't go to waste. The last thing I wanted was to put a bull tag in a baby book and have to look at it for the rest of my life and wonder what if.

    Manny and I hit the road a 3:00am on Thursday and arrived at are spot about 30min before sun light. We hunted the area My dad told me about for one and a half hours and we only saw 3 mulleys. We looked at each other and said lets get out of here and head north. With the storm coming in quickly I thought it would be are only chance of getting on some elk. We got to the truck and Manny said I drove like I was in the Baja 1000 to get to the north end of the unit and I admit I was in a little bit of a hurry. We got to a good glassing spot and headed to the top. It took about 20 mins to get to the top. Once we arrived at the top Manny instantly said big bull and jerked me down to the ground. I admit I thought he was messing with me until I looked up and saw the bull moving up the side of the next ridge. My first shot missed high but the next two connected the last shot to the neck and the bulls chin hit the ground. It was now 9:30am. After a few high fives we headed to the other side to see the Bull.

    After some picture Manny did his thing and had the bull quartered in no time. Three trips back and forth from the truck and we were done. We finally were on are way home at 2:30pm.

    I want to thank Manny for all his hard work. If it wasn't for him I'd still be on that hill side hauling out a elk. Thanks Manny.

    Here he is..



  3. It doesn't matter how far you walk in to put up a camera there's always the posiblity that someone could find it especially if it is on water. I don't put cameras on water anymore at all. I put a camera on water one time and I don't have that camera anymore. I look for heavy travel areas such as saddles that I can get critters moving to and from water. I have cameras out there that are anywhere from 1/8 of a mile from the road to 1 1/2 from a road it really doesn't matter. I build lock boxes for all my cameras but I put them out knowing that I may never see them again.

    I hope this helps someone from getting a camera stolen it is not a good feeling.

  4. That was a great story to go along with a great buck. Your dad is one heck of an archery hunter, I have a Bowhunter magazine from a few years ago that has a story about him and I kept it just for that artical. Its great that I final get to say congratulations to him on another successfull hunt.

    Thanks for the story Eric.

    Congrats Rick Great buck.

  5. Well I went and checked my cameras yesterday and I finally got a picture of a good buck. I believe this is a buck I glassed in January. I hope he grows a little more. I think he's in the mid 90's what do you guys think.





  6. a pile of you know what with some toilet paper on the salt lick should do the trick, and of course all caught on his camera!



    Don't do this because he would win the camera in the Aug. trail cam picture contest for funniest picture and I want that camera. LOL