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    Bank Card Cancelled!!

    I was just notified that the bank card that I used for the draw was cancelled due to fraudulent activity, and another was issued. Totally beyond my control. Since the draw has not happened yet, anyone know if I can call G&F and give them a different card number over the phone? I realize the period to do that online ended a while back.
  2. awatson

    salt or corn?

    I think corn is no bueno. Salt is everywhere. I think that's legal.
  3. awatson

    Bank Card Cancelled!!

    I'm glad to hear this. I was bummed; thinking we'd get rejected. I've done paper apps forever and decided to get with the program and do it online. Never in my life had a card compromised in any way, but the bank caught it immediately. It could've been a lot more inconvenient if they hadn't.
  4. awatson

    Who can name . . .

    Yep, can't wait til next year....for UofA!! ASU, not so much....losing 26 seniors (12 starters). That's some short-sighted juco recruiting right there Mr. Graham!
  5. This looks to be a moot point. Suspension was overturned. Can't post a link for some reason, but it's on the front page of www.tucsonnewsnow.com The fact that this is somehow "headline" news says enough about society to me.
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    With the corny names it reads like a riddle. It's difficult to follow without reading it 3 times. Under Pressure, Coming Storm Almost Misses. That's a sentence. But these are just a few of the names. Can you understand why it's confusing?
  7. awatson

    3a 3c Archery Elk Tag...

    How'd your hunt turn out? I was up there this past weekend. Pretty windy!
  8. awatson

    Hunting Essentials

    Unbelievably, years ago I forgot a KNIFE of all things! Anyway, I killed a little 2x2 several miles from camp and wound up gutting it with a piece of a broken bottle I was fortunate enough to find in the bottom of a drainage. I now have a list!
  9. awatson


    Can't go wrong there; that's a good way to do them. I also like them cooked like a roast. Cut them up and put into a roasting pan w/root veggies, some wine & beef broth, cover for an hour at 375, then uncover for a bit under broiler till all nice and browned. They come out almost falling off the bone. Pretty hard to tell flavor from beef. My wife and kids even eat them!
  10. Great story and a great deer! I love it when they field dress themselves!
  11. awatson

    Brother's Unit 31 Bear

    Nice bear! You might want to take down the picture of him eating his "supplements" though. I'm pretty sure if they're coming in to a food source placed by you, weather or not it's intended for another animal....it's a no no.
  12. awatson

    200+Typical Archery Mulie from 36A

    Please explain what exactly the guy "made up". All he did was wrongly assume it was a velvet deer, and then he apologized and said his assumption was wrong. I didn't see anything insulting or any personal attack that would leave you so irritated. This is a public forum and opinions and disagreements are gonna fly every which way; try not to be so thin skinned that you take offense to such minor things.
  13. awatson

    Game and Fish shut down too?

    I don't think anything State run is shut down, but hopefully DES offices nationwide and maybe the Food Stamp program are shut down....if only temporarily. Our ability to survive the entire day supports my assertion that a large portion of what the federal government does is waste, ripe for cutting (I'm talking entitlements, not the military). Sorry to hijack your thread.
  14. Ok, I'll break it to you; sit down. The best way would be to forego purchasing a wall tent altogether, save the money and put it toward a small travel trailer...and never have to spend a half day of valuable time setting up and then taking down one of those things again!!
  15. awatson

    Spike Camps

    Rackemup, that's awesome. Thanks for your service! In that kind of shape, you'll be able to carry out your full 50 lb pack and a field dressed coues on top of it without a second thought!
  16. awatson

    Looking for Youth Bow

    My son's Nuclear Ice is up to 30 lbs. you can adjust the draw length, so that may not be too small if she can't pull 25 lbs.
  17. awatson

    3C Short Term Travel Trailer Storage

    Thanks for the PMs. Looks like I may be set in the Show Low area.
  18. Headed up to 3C next week for a few days of scouting for my wife's cow elk hunt (Oct 18-24). I want to drag my little 18' travel trailer up on the scouting trip, and leave it somewhere for a few weeks - so it doesn't get tagged and towed on National Forest land. I'm looking for somewhere to store it that I can access after hours. For the hunt, we're planning on leaving Wednesday 10/16 after work, from Tucson...meaning we won't be up there until probably 10:00 pm to pick up my trailer. Any ideas? I'm coming up from Tucson through Salt River Canyon, so preferably something on that East side of the unit.
  19. awatson

    a bigun

    The exact score is probably around $40,000. Congrats to the hunter, but I just can't look at Res bulls the same way as a public land hunt. It isn't a high fence, but it isn't on the same level playing field either. Just my opinion.
  20. awatson

    Spike Camps

    I guess it depends on the unit. I've done this quite a few times and looking back, it didn't always seem necessary. Not many places in Arizona that are so far from a road that you can't just walk in before daylight, unless you're in unit 27, a bunch of miles into the Blue or something similar. Most southern units will have a road close enough to where I want to be in the morning, without sleeping in the middle of where I'm hunting.
  21. awatson

    ASU/ Wisconsin

    Yeah, final score did not reflect the reality of the game. It could have been one of these 65-0 games if Stanford wanted. ASU, get the f**k out of the top 25! They were only there because of that proud Wisconsin win.
  22. A lion feeding project destined for failure. I was born here, and grew up at the foot of Pusch Ridge. Killed lots of deer from Romero around to Pima Canyon, and we used to see sheep all the time through the mid 80's, but things are a lot different 30 years later. This is a huuuge waste of money that could be used for more important things. The reason they "disappeared" in the first place isn't a mystery. It's because the habitat around Pusch Ridge all the way across to Ventana is way is too close to town, with far too much human interaction, and it's getting worse every year! It seems to me to be a "feel good" measure, with an enormous price and little payback, except some nostalgia for a bygone era. It's right up there with reintroduction of wolves; it makes some people all warm and fuzzy inside, but other than that it doesn't do a dang thing. Go ahead, tell me how it's a much better ecosystem with them. There is no impact that a handful of sheep will have, one way or the other (except the lions will be full). I'm pretty shocked that many people on here would support such a thing; it's right out of the liberal tree-hugger playbook. To be successful, they'd have to restrict access to the entire area (yes, including hunting). From a Catalina Mountain/Pusch Ridge local...that's my .02
  23. awatson

    WTB a youth deer rifle

    For Coues and kids, a .223 can't be beat!
  24. awatson

    ASU/ Wisconsin

    All I can say is, if I were an ASU fan I would be embarrassed, but I guess you need to take them however you can get them. Enjoy and be proud of it, I guess!